1981-09-10 49 12

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Thu 10 Sep 1981 in 49,12:
49.0061097, 12.0463082

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In the forest south of Prüfening abbey in Regensburg.

2009-03-21: dawidi with Jockal[edit]

1981-09-10 49 12 is a notable hash for me, insofar that the date is suspiciously close to nine months before my birth(*), and the location is less than 300 meters from where my parents were living at that time. Which is a pretty neat coincidence.

I went there with my friend Jockal simply because it was a nice, sunny, and exceptionally spring-like Saturday afternoon and we couldn't decide where else to go (the day's own coordinates were too far away). I had also recently repaired my infrared camera and needed a sunny day outside to test it.

We left a chalk writing on the tree closest to the coordinates, took lots of pictures (more than I want to bother the wiki with) and spent some more time on the field tracks outside the forest.

(*) technically, I do not have a birthday, but here I mean the date on which I, figuratively, "saw the light of the day" (which, technically, did not happen either, until a couple of days *after* the date I mean here... aargh).