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xkcd-roleplay is a channel designed for roleplaying. (duh). It's currently just getting started and we don't know how to do anything so bear with us for a minute

Our OOC/discussion channel is #xkcd-rpOOC, where everyone is free to talk and discuss story elements.

Since we are still in development, we would like any suggestions! Feel free to speak your mind and contribute; everyone has a voice.

NOTE: Aspects of the system and rules are still subject to change.


- We have a limit of X characters, and people should have their characters added and approved by the Game Masters.

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Trust nobody

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Jeffrey might man-handle you. Just let it happen.

They're really more like guidelines


    Humanity has colonized the galaxy where it was born under the monarchy known as The Federation, utilizing a revolutionary device known
as the Warp Drive. Once ships could be fitted with this device, it was only a matter of time until the human race started colonizing planet
after planet, system after system. Colonization has always been one of the monarch's priorities, and just as Emperor Rilan the Second took
his father's throne, the Jaga system was fully inhabited. Jaga soon became the primary source of income for The Federation, but the people
living there are anything but happy. The working conditions are close to slavery on most planets and the others struggle to keep their
economy up with one exception: Zef. Business owners, lawyers and other rich men and women reside on Zef and it is what people see and hear
about Jaga. Only the ones that live there know the truth, and communication between systems is a luxury that most cannot afford, making it
almost impossible to let the public know of the greed of The Federation.
     In their efforts to expand their reach, they faced problems such as hostile planets, asteroid belts and, worst of all, rebels. Because
the colonization process was moving extremely fast, The Federation struggled when it came to keeping an eye on all its planets. As a result,
decades of civil war began during the reign of Emperor Rilan, known as "The Blood Tides". Expansion was greatly haltered and millions died
each day on multiple systems. In order to keep up, teams of elite soldiers were formed, which would rise to become heroes of The Federation.
Unfortunately, once the wars were over and the colonization restarted, Rilan the Second exiled the veterans to Jaga, where they would live in
poverty so that they could not pose a threat to his Federation.
     Over time, the state of all systems has worsened and Rilan the Second started caring less and less about the people and more about the
possibility of alien life, investing more resources into research and exploration. Because of this, small rebel forces have started appearing
throughout the galaxy, but they were quickly shut down, except for the ones on Jaga. There, the rich people on Zef aren't fond of Federation
enforcement, so the Emperor was forced to lower the security drastically. That is why the once quiet planet of Chyr, where the exiled
Veterans reside, is now preparing for a total takeover of the system, led by The Charred. Meanwhile, all nearby planets are raided for
resources to serve the cause of the rebels. Even so, many Federation citizens agree that something must be changed and would like to see the
Emperor replaced, but they know that what The Charred intend is not to help, but to conquer.
     The story takes place on the small planet of Estan, the closest to Chyr and one with a strong enough economy to survive, but in no way
is it a prospering place to live in. The capital city, Hero's Landing, is one of the most populated areas, as it is close to the biggest
mines. There is only one continent, Bastion, surrounded by The Wild Islands, most of which are not named, and by The Wild Ocean, largely
unexplored. One of the more famous inns of Hero's Landing is The Steel Horse, a place where captains of the small defensive army of Estan can
meet with leaders of the Anti-Federation Rebellion and enjoy a glass of wine after a long day. People from all social classes and factions
meet here, and it is where most small rebellion forces were formed, the most obvious example being the Anti-Federation Rebellion, one of the
small extremist formations that usually collapses quickly. The Inn is owned by Gilmer and his daughter Yhami takes care of it while he is

The end