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...is an IRC channel dedicated to the Hugs! thread on the xkcd forums. At least, that's where it started. Today it is full of interesting and diverse people who hardly ever visit the forum. Interesting and diverse like a package of mixed nuts.

Subject matter[edit]

Subject matter randomly rambles around like a staggering drunk, moving jerkily and abruptly from topic to topic. The posted topic almost always has nothing to do with the actual discussion matter. It is used more as a sort of bulletin board.

  1. The purpose of this chan is to be a warm environment for people to relax, unwind, give and receive (im)moral support and generally talk about anything you want.
  2. We have a bot. Her name is Min and she's the official greeter/hugger/maker of coffee. She gets annoying after a while, so she spends a lot of time in the "time out" corner. She's usually lurking on the server, so if you want to talk to her, liven up the conversation or just get free hugs, invite her in.


There are no rules, only guidelines. But they must be followed. Failure to adhere to these guidelines will get you kicked, and in extreme circumstances, permabanned.


  1. This is a safe channel. It is for people to feel safe, so don't say things that will make people uncomfortable. Respect people's wishes. If they don't want to be hugged, don't hug them. If they don't want to be called something, don't call them that. Use your judgment and be tolerant.
    • To be more clear: If someone says something that makes you uncomfortable, openly request that the subject be abandoned. Such a request will be regarded by ops as a permanent prohibition on discussing that specific topic in your presence.
    • If anybody seriously requests a change of subject, honor that request, or you will be warned, then kicked, and possibly temp-banned to make it stick.
    • If you make a conversation change request, we will take that very seriously, so you better not be joking. You will be reprimanded and possibly temp-banned for abusing this privilege.
  2. Do not spam the channel. Spamming is defined as anything that looks like spam to one of the ops. This may include, but is not limited by, triggering bots for more than a couple of lines, pinging everyone, using bell characters, etc.
  3. This channel is for hugs. Brotherly/sisterly hugs. No groping allowed, unless explicit permission has been granted. Snuggles and Shnuggles are optional.
    • Note that several regular users do not like to be hugged by strangers. A good rule of thumb is, unless you are hugged first, ask before hugging the first time.
  4. This channel is not very tolerant of bots. If you want to invite a bot in, check with the people there that it's OK with them.
  5. People here are nice. If you want to get on the permaban fast track, just say "I won't walk on eggshells for anybody".
  6. This is a family. Don't say anything you wouldn't say to your mother. This includes excessive swearing, racial slurs and anything else that might offend people.
  7. You will never be persecuted for your beliefs even if they encourage intolerance, as long as you keep them to yourself. If your beliefs encourage you to persecute others for anything other than intolerance, you will be banned for acting on those beliefs. See guideline number 5.
    • The safest road is never to make a remark that one could describe as "politically-incorrect."


  1. Survey: https://spreadsheets.google.com/viewanalytics?formkey=dFE5ZC1SQkdTVHBPUlVRMWVTQ2RNc0E6MQ
  2. We has a map - http://www.zeemaps.com/map?group=184623