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xkcd-Wii is a channel for coordinating Nintendo WFC games.

Subject Matter[edit]

This channel is intended to be used to get Nintendo WFC games going for the denizens around #xkcd. It's considered best form to be as close to that as possible. While we won't enforce any heavy-handed in enforcing subject matter, just keep in mind that you are encouraged to use this channel mostly for setting up and talking about the games being played.

Games Played[edit]

The current focus is Mario Kart Wii, but any Nintendo WFC game is up for grabs here.


To host a game, just simply sign into WFC on the game and announce that you are going to be hosting a game in the channel. The convention for starting a game is still undecided as of right now. Add 'race' (no quotes, of course) to your highlights if you intend to use the channel for Mario Kart Wii, so you can be easily highlighted when someone wishes to start a race.

WFC Friend Codes[edit]

To play games on WFC you need to be friends with the host of the room. It's a good idea to put your friend code on the Wii firend code list and friend the people on the list.


Currently the only records tracked are Mario Kart Wii time trials. There may be more records in the future.