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Keep your blood money, you dirty, dirty person. [That's what she said!]

But if you really want to donate, send it to:

c/o blagathon-for-kidz
3215 North Wisconsin Hwy
Singapore, MN 95874-0012
New Zealand, Russia
Ontario, Canada

The following payment media are accepted:

  • Algorithms
  • Axioms
  • Cash or Check (Cheque)
  • Chocolate congruency
  • The fundamental theorem of calculus
  • More cash
  • The reason to why the Grinch stole the integer solutions to Randall's Diophantine equation
  • Limerick
  • Rick Astley in a can
  • Binary blobs or core dumps
  • Your private key
  • 1337 points
  • Two large, distinct prime numbers 'p' and 'q' such that a velociraptor cannot factor (p - 1)(q - 1) within a timespan of a footpath escape