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The cake is a lie. Denizens is not.

The Main Page


[edit] Announcement

We've upgraded to Mediawiki 1.21.6. Let joannac know if there are any issues by pinging her (joannac) on irc, or leaving a note on her talk page. --joannac (talk) 16:44, 11 March 2014 (EDT)

[edit] Alack, a wiki

This is a wiki[source] for miscellaneous #xkcd-related stuff.

[edit] Things that are here

[edit] Things that are not here

[edit] Things that are neither here nor there

[edit] Explanations

[edit] ...of Absurd Hypothetical Questions, done by #xkcd denizens

[edit] The hat

  • …has a life of its own.

[edit] Kompressor

  • does not dance

[edit] Llamas

  • are awesome, but went extinct on Foonetic due to lack of interest.