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A "channel" "devoted" to the "readers" of the XKCDSucks blog. We love you.


[edit] "Channel" rules

  • No take-backsies.
  • No give-backsies.
  • No listening to Seth or Frowzie.
  • No Birds with Cocks
  • No paying attention.
  • No fatphobia.
  • No crying.
  • No EBG13.
  • No "irony".
  • No linking to Tumblr.
  • No exclamation marks, even upside-down ones.
  • No u.
  • Mandatory talking about silent robs.
  • By talking in the channel, you agree that dogs are hella lame.

[edit] List of running truths

  • Rob is the fattest.
  • Frowzie is drunk and fat.
  • Everyone is incredibly successful
  • Ann no longer toils fruitlessly at cambridge. He is still fat and useless though, and everyone still hates him.
  • T_A is bound to lose. Also fat.
  • Seth edits his own description and loves Homestuck. What a loser.
  • Channel is a chasm of self pity and despair.
  • This page is important.
  • The Lord does not work in mysterious ways, except insofar as it involves Crimbly.

[edit] List of relevant URLs

[edit] "Channel" Manifest Chanifest no, fuck you

We are a bunch of rad dudes installing linux on skateboards. Here's our gear lineup.

Name Skateboard Linux Incontinent
Annapolis Smith & Wesson 30" 64bit Debian 6.06 Engle-land
Rob-sothoth Hi-tops OS/2 Fat THEM
Skanker Nambu 14 Windows ME JAPAN??
Seth Unreal Air ILIOS US
Eqypt The WindWaker DeenWare Tennessee
Froward CPS2700 Ubuntu US
Priority_Kitten Mirrorboard/LEGO Custom OSX/CentOS Land of the Engles
slav Cheesegrater AmigaOS Slavia
Joe OG Kush Windows 3.11 A submarine
Ravenzomg Speed Deemonz Checker Custom Windows 95 Ontario
Ananke The Fatmeister Jitterbug Da Block
The_autodidact Darkstar Rabid Yellow Gentoo Community College
Kat Pope Globe Blazer Pink OpenOffice 4.5 West Texas
Filly Crackerstar Express AndroidOS 0.9 The Deepest South
Muad World Industries Cruisn' Cruiser Yellow Hat Linux Heaven
Sean Vanilla Green Machine Inline Speed Skates Windows 8 Hell
Mno Step2 Extreme Coaster Rollercoaster Furbuntu Northern Lands

[edit] List of people that aren't here but I wish were here

  • ALTF
  • MrQBear
  • pissmop
  • William Monty Hughes
  • capn
  • aloria
  • puddle
  • airtank
  • Crimbly
  • joannac

[edit] List of Sethites

  • ananke
  • jn
  • egypt
  • mno
  • Euclidian
  • elision
  • some other people

[edit] How to bag yourself a seaman

  • You're going to need a big paper bag.