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A/S/L? So you don't need to ask.[edit]

Nick A/S/L? Orientation Looking for? Actually single? Images!
freelancer 20/m/Sweden Vn(V)/GL+(V) Something witty to put here. Why would I be here if I'm not single? =/ Pending.jpg
Seiun 24/m/NY straight <3 yes Seiun-Glasses-3.jpg
Aprilis 22/f/NorCal n/a skinny blondes yes Pending.jpg
Great_Briton 18/m/UK straight-straighteast ...lornly indeed Pending.jpg
erlehmann 20/m/berlin pan and doesn't like muscular bodies someone to go to hell with (failing that - intelligent, creative, horny people) yes Pending.jpg
espalon 27/m/NorCal straight NorCal girls, long term/casual yes Pending.jpg
Palomides 17/m/OH straight (not interested in sex :P) smart people :< (sanity, normality optional, or even undesired) no more! Pending.jpg
lapilofu 19/m/NorCal & NorEastOH i like girls "I am the least difficult of men. All I want is boundless love." mostly, usually Pending.jpg
shifuimam 24/f/IN straighter than the stick up my butt boys who aren't completely lame eternally Pending.jpg
heero 25/m/syd,aus straight nerdgirls, because the odds are that we'd have more in common yes Pending.jpg
Mitchel 18/m/LDN, UK straight smart girls, funny girls, any girls with a clean bill of mental health yes Suit800600.jpg
Synapse 19/m/.za&.au straight Nothing really. yes Pending.jpg
irokie 24/m/IRE Whatever I can get. A girl who'll understand that she'll always be second to my guitar. yes Irokie.jpg
Riv 19/m/Texas I like womenfolk chill people yes Pending.jpg
TGM (Turtle Girl Man) 19/f/Oregon Bisexual, with a slight preference towards females. Not a clue as of yet. yes Daisycut.jpg
AntiFish 20/m/IN leftways whatever's looking back <witty way of saying yes> Pending.jpg
apsterling 15/m/AZ straight 14-17 year old high school girls at my hs in Arizona. Limitations woo! yes Apsterling.png
Jeffrey / EvilMonkey 23/m/NZ straight Nothing much Nope EvilMonkey2.jpg

Lenny / Lenary / Grapemonster / Grapist / Don_Quixote / Don 17/m/SCOTLAND! straight some one to fool around with, and have fun with and who will get me out of recent depression OR someone to play nekkid twister with yes Pending.jpg

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