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Er, greetings, patron!

Welcome to #xkcd-pub, the local tavern/speak-easy. We talk about comedy, porn, alcohol, porn, sex, porn, music, porn, games, feelings, porn and anything else you might discuss in your favourite bar. Political discussions are discouraged unless they are one-sided vitriolic rants. You don't have to be drunk to chat here, but it's encouraged! And remember, it's not drinking alone if you're on IRC. Our official radio program is Stürike, which you can tune in on Sundays at around 8PM GMT (3PM EST).

General Info
Average Population30
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The #xkcd-pub IRC channel was the brain-child of the alcoholic mastermind known as stump and his trollfaced sidekick, the legendary terran. They were probably somewhat intoxicated when the channel was founded, but they don't remember. Then I think some people joined, were probably offended but stuck around anyway. After drama llamas happened, stump left, and now terran kind of owns the channel, but he doesn't really fucking do much. LolCam is probably on irc more than any other admin/op.

Channel Rules[edit]

We only have two three rules.

  1. Don't be a douche.
  2. Assume all links are NSFW, we don't mark our links.

Please note: We are not Politically Correct™, don't expect us to be. Ranting, however, is actively encouraged. Please bear in mind that kicks are done for the lulz and are not a form of discipline. Kickbans on the other hand are srs bsns.


Some No members of #xkcd-pub can be found in a Tinychat room here. Careful, they may ask you to show them yer tits. Don't give them the pleasure unless you be prepared for the consequences.

For the uninitiated, Tinychat is a group video chat service. If you are using speakers instead of a headset, please do everyone a favour and use Push To Talk, echoes aren't nice.

Stürike! The Official Radio Show of #xkcd-pub[edit]

If you like hearing comedians, physicists and professional alcoholics talk about news, films, games, music and whatever else crosses their minds, then Himerius and friends can be heard on Stürike at various times each Sunday at Sturike.com.


General Trivia[edit]

  • The official dance of #xkcd-pub is Jumpstyle.
  • The official drinking game of #xkcd-pub is when you have a drink you should have another drink.
  • In #xkcd-pub it's Friday once a week but you can never tell when that's going to be. (It's usually Tuesday).
  • The toilets are upstairs and to the left, past the dead leprechaun and coke fiends.
  • Tuesday nights are Mexican night! Tequila and tacos!
  • Beware of dog.
  • This is required watching if you expect to be able to hold your own when we're all drunk.
  • Leaving your drink unattended can lead to fun times
  • Leaving your drink attended can lead to fun times
  • Beware of drink.
  • Beware of fat frogs.
  • If in doubt: Beware.
  • D2 is a secret channel code for something but NO-ONE KNOWS WHAT.
  • Spoiler Alert: Bruce Willis is a ghost. In Unbreakable. And Die Hard. And he kills Dumbledore.

Single Patron Trivia[edit]


  • anaximander can and will find you.


  • Corynne says cunt the best.
  • Corynne has never been 'entered'.


  • fantasyprone needs another drink.

Hat Girl[edit]

  • Hat Girl Is invasive and dislikes most people.
  • Hat Girl also enjoys trolling trolls.


  • hexium is always late for work.


  • Himerius has an alcohol-stream, not a blood stream.
  • Himerius is also a git, not an insensitive dick cheese.
  • Himerius can accidently a unicycle.
  • Himerius has a voice like butter.
  • Himerius had the best moustache.
  • Himerius is a silent assassin in #xkcd.
  • Himerius turns into a lolcat under the full moon.


  • InTheBlue is a massive fan of tiny pussy.
  • InTheBlue runs on Coffee and Jameson's Whiskey
  • InTheBlue really really likes being cuddled


  • logic doesn't make sense.
  • logic has an impossibly handsome face.


  • logic isn't very bouncy.
  • logic has a beard that is permanently glued to his face.


  • LolCam is a Loud Cam.
  • Lolcam is the leading expert on roundabouts.
  • LolCam is the Sturike TwatMistress.


  • Steef is a great host.
  • Steef has the best beard.
  • Steef has a huge ass-beard.


  • When bribing stump, always use tequila.
  • stump likes to whip his hair back and forth.


  • RoadieRich will sing for you on tinychat if you ask nicely.
  • Actually, it doesn't even have to be nicely. He'll sing for you regardless of how you ask him.
  • RoadieRich fails at the alphabet.

Multiple Patron Trivia[edit]

  • LolCam and fantasyprone will do whatever it takes to get boys to show them their tits on tinychat. WHATEVER IT TAKES.
  • Himerius is anaximander's evil twin and anaximander is Himerius's good twin.
  • Himerius and anaximander play the Pokemon Trading Card Game on tinychat. <-- Lies and slander!