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#XKCD-LOVE Denizens[edit]

This is a page for people who're active in -love, based on the idea that people prefer to get advice from a person they feel they know, rather than complete strangers. As such, if you want to be on the list, actually put in a bit of information about yourself. Please keep the list in alphabetical order. If you're on here and you aren't active in the channel, you'll be removed from the list, and if you're active in the channel and you're a douche on here, you'll be removed from the channel.

For more people, have a look at XKCD Denizens page.

Name Gender Age Location About Op
Cheese Male 25 Scotland I was here for a while, and then I was not, and then I came back. I try to give useful advice, and will (usually) keep my mouth shut about things I can't be helpful about. Expect me to be happy! NO
cogit0 Male 35 USA Been around since the start, first for advice, and for the past year+ giving advice. I've been through a lot in terms of relationships, so try to give input from my experiences to those that might appreciate it. When I'm around, at least. NO
daan Male 30 Belgium Obsessive and a bit annoying, but I really mean no harm. NO
Debaser Male 24 Australia Australian, Op. Spend less time giving advice than I do trying to keep the peace. Most of my advice tends towards the more reality check kind of deal, and I've not got a lot of patience for whiners. If you've got a problem with the channel, send me a PM. YES
DM Male 25 Canada Also known as Kieran. More of an advicee then an adviser. DM stands for "Dungeon Master" (Someone who runs D&D games, you dirty, dirty people >:/) NO
ecthros Female 26 Chicagoish I'm Spock v3.0. I love everything! And peanut and ra are my podmates. :D NO
freelancer Male 27 Internet Awesome YES
Frogg Yes 30 London Advice style: Tends to ask a lot of questions so can deliver more tailored advice. Will resort to copying and pasting replies if advicee keeps repeating questions. Can be sarky and curt, but tends to speak from experience. And from watching a lot of Oprah. NO
Jenzipan Female 22 UK Yeah, I just hang around. I'm the resident living marzipan of -love. Don't need advice but try to give it when I can. I get over enthusiastic about really pointless crap. Also I hate thinking of crap to write in "about me" sections. NO
katiedid Female 25 US Katie's advice style: Katie is tough love with a heart of gold. She will give you strong, clear and logical advice based on the facts presented to her. She is a good person to talk to when you are in need of a reality check. She is good at pointing people in the right direction for emotional healing, but not the type to hold your hand. NO
kremlin Male 31 Northern California Kremlin's advice style: Kremlin is a pacifist, and extremely fair minded. Kremlin will look at every side of a problem and try to really suss out what the best solution is. He doesn't like to make war, but stands up for what he believes in. He is capable of great patience, and therefore a very good person to talk to, if you really need someone to hear you and understand. YES
Lisimba Male 27 Netherlands Lisimba's advice style: Lisimba can come off as stern, but he is keenly logical and has an open heart to people who need help. Lisimba is another person to go to when you want a clear cut piece of advice, and can handle not being handheld. Lisimba also functions in many respects as one of the guardians of fair, patient, and good advice in -love. He especially has a deeper understanding of newer members, who are still struggling to work through some of their more self-destructive issues, and works to help them start on a path of improvement YES
Maximinus Male 28 New Zealand I come to you live from the future. Happy to give any advice I may have to give, but I have a low tolerance for trolls - so if trolling's your aim, banishing you will be my game. YES
mutable_malachi Male 19 Western New York Take one part Sasha Shulgin, two parts Warren Buffet, one part tactful rhetoric. Subtract large volumes of money and technical expertise, serve over ice. YES
noey Female 37 San Francisco noey is our resident beam of sunshine*. Whenever life, love, or IRC drama gets you down, noey will be there with one of her signature cuddlepuddles to make all your worries disappear. But don't think you can just walk all over her: she'll also be the first to call you out for your behaviour if you're being silly or destructive.

(* not to be confused with ra)

Palomides Male 24 Ohio, USA Here to make sure everyone gets good advice and is treated fairly. Missed being the first person in the channel by approximately 10 seconds. YES
peanut Male 23 Canada I'm just a humble legume. I'm not a pig, and I'm not guilty of leguminical treachery, no matter what you may hear from others. I particularly enjoy going out for long walks; bonus points if it happens to be raining. A soggy peanut is a happy peanut. ecthros and ra are my wonderful podmates. NO
ra Male 37 Croatia Ra's advice style: Ra has a very sympathetic nature. In general he favors more seriousness and reserve when helping someone solve a problem, and takes care with the judgements he makes. Ra will assist you in identifying what the problem is for you, but often does not choose to give a strong definitive answer, in favor of allowing you to find these answers on your own steam. Ra is also sometimes referred to as the Sun God, due to certain similarities with the Egyptian deity. In his spare time, Ra also performs his duties as an adjunct of the ecthros-and-peanut all-famous pod. NO
that_guy Male 25 Minneapolis, MN, USA Just zis guy, you know? I try to be constructive when the time calls for it, and complain at all other times. If you've fallen for a close female friend, though, I can help. I know Tron IRL. NO
Tron Male 26 Minneapolis, MN, USA I give advice to plenty of good friends, hopefully it will work with strangers. I know that_guy but we haven't been able to spend much time together. NO
whiskeyish Female 31 US I'm just a regular person that tends to give common sense advice and tough love where needed. I have a bit of a rebellious streak. My dearly departed gallbladder is the patron saint and unofficial channel mascot. I also enjoy geohashing, tearing apart machines that I have no intention of rebuilding, playing guitar and piano, and hugging my dog, Siouxsie. Everything else is, well, self-explanatory. NO
wilfish Male 23 CT, USA A programmer currently in college in RI. Once-upon-a-time I came in for advice, but since then I've stayed because of the interesting conversations that go on, and for the times when I feel I should put my two cents in. I work for CrunchyWeb. I enjoy, well, programming, photography, periodic and spontaneous writing, and fights with nerf guns. NO