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Rules and guidelines for being an op in #xkcd-love as written by Palomides

General Guidelines[edit]

  • Follow the rules. Set a good example through your involvement.
  • Remind other people of the rules.
  • Assume ignorance and innocence before assuming trollery.
  • Keep the channel on topic when appropriate.
  • Understand and be ready with commands for kicking and banning.
  • Don't change the topic too often.
  • Use kicks and bans with extreme discretion. Most offenses should get at least one warning before action is taken against them.

Simple Situations[edit]

First offence:

  • Threats of violence: immediate ban.
  • Not marking NSFW links: warning from op.
  • Being offtopic during advice: warning from op.
  • Being a dick: warning from op.
  • Spam: if long and ongoing, kick to minimize. if ended, warning from op, and pointer towards a pastebin.
  • Public logging or similar publication: immediate ban if significant, very harsh warning otherwise.
  • Bot in the channel: ban the bot, op is to warn the owner.
  • Nick-change spam: warning from op.
  • Idling for more than two weeks: kick. short-term ban if autorejoining.
  • Inflammatory topics/arguments: warning from op to all involved.

Hard Calls[edit]

Palo's rule: ban them when all of the following: 1) we can't help them 2) they are being disruptive 3) they have been warned and are still disruptive

We can't help them if...[edit]

  • They have psychological problems in need of professional help that they air frequently in the channel.
  • Their situation is intrinsically not something that can be helped with advice
  • They don't want advice

As a note, we can help them on other situations; people with problems that we can't help are capable of not bringing them up in channel, while giving useful advice or seeking advice on topics we can help with. However, they have to be willing to stop bringing things we can't help them with.

They are being disruptive if...[edit]

  • They are interrupting other useful advice
  • They are clearly breaking one of the stated rules, particularly threats of violence, spamming, being a dick (i.e. attacking people without reason), and inflammatory arguments
  • They are occupying the attention of the channel without accepting advice, repeatedly or at length
  • They are otherwise making the population of the channel uncomfortable without good reason

They have been warned[edit]

  • Someone identifies as an op to the person and clearly informs them that they need to desist in the behaviors noted above

If they do indeed stop the problematic behaviors, it is worth keeping an eye on them in the future, and could be useful to inform them of this probationary treatment.

Other Long-term Offenders[edit]

People who have never given good advice, people who have repeatedly not accepted good advice, people who whine all the time, people who make significant parts of the channel uncomfortable: an agreement between at least two ops. The person should be warned or confronted before a ban, if applicable.

Op Commands[edit]

Useful chanserv commands[edit]

  • Give halfop: /msg chanserv halfop #xkcd-love <target nick>
  • Remove halfop: /msg chanserv dehalfop #xkcd-love <target nick>
  • Kick through chanserv: /msg chanserv kick #xkcd-love <target nick>

(if <target nick> is not given, the command will be performed on you)

Examination of ban format[edit]

nick is their IRC nick.
ident is generally what their computer reports as their username.
host is the host and/or IP they're connecting from.

Nuances to look at[edit]

nick!*@* will ban that nick, regardless of ident or connecting host.
Hostnames are often of the form hide-L3TT3RS.city.blah.isp.net; DO NOT BAN *!*@*.city.isp.net, this would block anyone using that ISP from joining.

Which format to use[edit]

Generally, nick!*@*.blah.isp.net is a reasonable first ban.
If they get around it due to a changed IP on another host, add the ban nick!*@*
If they get around it due to a changed nick on the same host, add the ban *!*@hide-L3TT3RS.blah.isp.net

Doing it[edit]

/mode #channel +b <banmask>
Your client may also let you /ban <banmask> or /kickban <banmask>

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