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Welcome to the #xkcd-flu wiki page. My name is Crayboff and I'll be here to quickly explain everything that's happening on our channel. This channel was made with the purpose of moving all swine flu information and chat from #xkcd. Though this channel is currently small (only 5 people usually on at one time), we do have bots to relay all current information. In this wiki, I will give you just what you need to understand how to work your way around.

Also, I'd like to give a shoutout to the Swine Flu H1N1! Congratulations on over 10,000 confirmed cases! [5.20.09]


1) Do NOT clear any factoid without permission from a BackAtcha op

2) No botloops EVER

3) No spamming

4) Do not bring in a bot unless it is OK with the admins (kidko/Crayboff)

5) Do not alter any official BackAtcha list (including, but not limited to "todo")

6) Don't mess with the ops, they're drunk and have guns and shit. They also reserve the right to add/remove/ignore/alter the rules at any time.

7) kidko and Crayboff can do whatever the hell they want

8) The basic rules of #xkcd apply on this channel. These rules may be found here.

The Bots[edit]

We have three official #xkcd-flu bots: BackAtcha, swinerss, and diesel.

- swinerss is an RSS feed bot which brings the latest information to the users. You can use "!help" to bring up a private message with help information from him. The gist of what he does is if you type "!latest news all" he will output the latest feed from two websites: pandemicflu.gov and the WHO. swinerss was born 1 May 2009, at 17:24:45 EST.

- BackAtcha, on the other hand, is very similar to Bucket, the lovable bot from #xkcd. He has a database of factoids and also can spit right back atcha. He also watches the channel for people who keep their caps on for too long, if you know what I mean. BackAtcha's complete docs can be found here. BackAtcha was born 30 April 2009, at exactly 21:45:24 EST.

- kiwi, the over-all awesome bot, use the >help command to get list of possible commands. for further syntax help, use >help <command>. If you talk to him directly, he does some great markov(usually)!