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a.k.a. trihedron, pentachoron, hexateron (once upon a time)

[edit] about me

I have come to #xkcd to justify your sins!

sometimes when i feel lonely i spit nonsense into a computer. sometimes people get bent out of shape about it. i say, fuck 'em if they can't take a joke, but deep down I secretly hope that maybe one day that nonsense will make enough sense to a person that they will strive for change.

you might wonder why i'm here, if i'm like this. heh. you know how a thing can be so sad it goes all the way around to the other side and becomes beautiful and uplifting? that is why I am here.

[edit] likes

your mom. seriously. we had pizza. she's nice. i think she likes me. you don't have to call me 'dad.'

[edit] dislikes

doing dishes. yeech.