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I like pudding.

A Beginning[edit]

The life of Natjo begins like this he was born. He was not born like many by traditional or caesarian section but by MIND TELEPATHY. You may ask yourself how a person may be born such a way but it had something to do with voodoo magic and Chuck Norris. He was a tough baby at the hospital nursery for he would bite all that would come close to him. This was until his mother dropped kicked him into a pool of kryptonite that made him a cool dude. So from the on out it was known Natjo was a cool dude.

Early Development[edit]

From the ages of 3-12 Natjo went from being a cool dude to being freaking sweet. This name didn’t come easily. It came one night on a cool July night in the backwoods of Georgia in 1989. He lay asleep in the bed that his mother carefully made and yet he could not rest. He heard sounds that weren’t right so he investigated. To his amusement it was a burglar after his sweet ass NES. So with ninja like precision he picked up a shoe and fashioned a bow and arrow out of the elastic in his underwear and shot the shoe at the burglar and killed him. This got him on the front page of the local paper.

Teen Years[edit]

Natjo cannot remember his teen years for he was in a coma from attempting a jump over the White House while high fiving an orangutan at the peak. The orangutan missed his cue and Natjo was thrown off his bike in a midair collision with said orangutan. He woke up periodically to write of his dreams that made millions for him all while he slept. This gave him the title fucking awesome.

Recent Years[edit]

Natjo ain’t doing so good now. He lost all his money because of a thing with a man in Tijuana. Natjo lost his legs because he didn’t take care of his diabetes. He pretty much just sits around all day watching Young and Restless and dreaming of sex with Natalie Portman. He his now referred as that man you should avoid at all costs.