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Min is a bot owned by Max. She has a facebook page. Due to her poor behavior she is only allowed to visit #xkcd-hugs.

Wings has an irrational dislike for Min and the two are rarely seen peacefully interacting.


  • $ignore - toggles whether Min hugs you when you enter the channel.
  • $part - sends Min to the timeout corner
  • $remind <hh:mm> <message> - Min will ping you and echo the message at the specified time. If your time zone is set, <hh:mm> should be your local time, otherwise it should be in UTC.
  • $calc <expression> - calculates the value of the given postfix (RPN) expression.
  • $coffee [<nick>] - Min will brew the specified person (or you if none is specified) a cup o' joe.
  • $linuxtime <long int> - Min calculates the time in milliseconds from the beginning of the universe.
  • $time <nick> - Min gives the current local time for the time zone associated with the specified nick.
  • $settime <offset> - associate a time zone with your current nick, as an offset from UTC. Min doesn't understand the + character for positive offsets, but does understand - for negative offsets. You must manually update your time zone for daylight savings time.

(Note that there are few non-user nicks commonly used by -hugs denizens. $time hammer gives time in GMT, $time sexy gives U.S. east coast time, and $time zombie gives moscow time.)

  • $<object phrase> [<nick>] - gives the object to the specified nick (to you if no one in the chan is using that nick). Min assumes that the phrase is a singular countable noun, and will use improper grammar if it isn't.
  • $help - Use this one in a PM please.

Min also reacts to being hugged, kicked, flirted with, danced with, humped, people being sad, playing games and "hehehe." She also answers questions and has a few other quirky macros.