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  1. Rule the world
  2. make sure everything is in categories
    1. have most pages in categories, waiting for spam pages to get deleted before continuing.
    2. also, images. So many images! SO MUCH SORTING
  3. clean up the ridiculous meme pages
    1. fight for deletions! get rid of the SHIT! annoy joannac at every juncture until WIKI JUSTICE IS SERVED Joannac is a guardian of quality! YAY!
  4. suggest certain pages be semi-protected, if possible
    1. there's a specific page that spammers continually target, I think they expect the wiki main page to be there? It should be locked.
    2. relsqui and I briefly discussed locking down the denizens page and having all edits go through an in-channel bot, who would comment out users who are absent for any appreciable length of time. I am not a script wizard, so this is not going to happen. I will put a note here, though. NOTE!
  5. apologize for Special:Contributions/ if this is me. some of these things seem like things i would do
  6. clean up the main page, make sure it links to useful things like events, memes.. ONGOING
  7. Reorder the columns in the denizens page and templates to make them easier to browser: Preferably nick/name/age/location/picture/etymology/links/euler, to make the more relevant parts easier to browse on a skinny browser, instead of having to scroll left and right constantly. Kinda wary about doing this without asking the Wiki Pros first.

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