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  1. suggest the following pages be deleted
    1. Category:Categories is superceded by Special:Categories
    2. Blogger is extremely fucked up
    3. Category:Jews what the eff
    4. Chapter_6:_The_Knowledge_of_the_Onodrim again, wtf
    5. Special:Contributions/Blue_eyes this user and their pages
    6. Special:Contributions/Rsgame this user and their pages
    7. the entire goddamn cellshot controversy that eventually got him banned, including
      1. images: Image:It.png Image:Im-black.jpg Image:Cellshot.jpg Image:CellshotGenderMatrix.JPG Image:CellshotHasABike.jpg
      2. pages: Cellshot's gender and Cellshot's creative process
    8. all pages blanked because of spammers, (mostly taken from short pages list):
      Fredd Spork quotes Lunix Talk:Chuck Norris jokes/wirc/index.php Atheist Cthulhu Ass Classhole Talk:Main page/wirc/wirc/index.php Xkcd Talk:Main Page/wirc/index.php Friction wirc/index.php
    9. the following additional pages
      Airtank Adlaiff6 Magician Unrelenting Classhole Party


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