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Captain's Log[edit]

Star Date: 04.10.2014

The Vulcan High Command continues to be uncooperative. As per the Prime Directive, I cannot intervene directly on Delta Vega - a fact that the Vulcans seem to forget when it is convenient for them. They desire the planetoid for colonization and scientific study, but the indigenous population is primitive and highly dangerous. They requested me and my crew to wipe them out. While their logic, of course, is sound; I have no desire to play god and remove them. Star Fleet maintains a small outpost on the planet, but the scale of the Vulcan's plans are such that the indigenous fauna would be displaced and the predators would pose a significant threat to the Vulcans. I have been in deliberations with the Vulcans, insisting they find another way to conduct their tachyon experiments that wouldn't result in the annihilation of a species.

I must leave for now, I am needed on the bridge. --Forward4 (talk) 11:37, 10 April 2014 (EDT)

Star Date: 04.14.2014

I have resolved the situation with the Vulcans. It was not fun, and involved deep deliberation within the council. I will be publishing a report on the δVega crisis later in the year, and will be submitted to Star Fleet. Spock, my first officer (coincidentally half-Vulcan), withheld himself from the deliberations with the Vulcan High Council, citing conflict of interest. I appreciated this gesture, and he has now returned to the Enterprise from his vacation on Earth. We are at warp heading for an area of space near Romulus. A distress signal was heard, and as we are the closest Federation ship in the area, it behooved us to respond. Wait - the alarms are sounding. Something's wrong. --Forward4 (talk) 12:51, 14 April 2014 (EDT)

Star Date: [redacted]

They're coming.

they will not stop.

none can stand against them

t̵̤h̦̞͟e̢̱̝̯̺͙͚ ̛̹e̹̦̺̦̜nd̻͇̜͇̗̦̀ ̼͈̪̪̜ìs̷̞̩̜ ͍̮̜͕͍͕͘n̻̼̲̗͜ͅe̫̫̝̯a͙r̪̞

--Forward4 (talk) 10:17, 29 July 2014 (EDT)