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Paul is a high school student from New York who has found XKCD to be a source of inspiration and humor throughout high school and plans to follow Randall Munroe's lead in the world of wide webs. He occasionally roams the XKCD IRC Client under the username FPs25.

The Game[edit]

In an attempt to find a way to win the game (short of XKCD's redemption [1]) Paul determined that a path similar to that of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde or Jean Gray and the Phoenix would hold a tie. Within himself, Paul created a repressed personality that would never truly develop in the real world but rather a dream world that was stolen from Paul's true personality. To this day that personality has never heard of the game so it can not lose. At the same time Paul will often think back to the game and lose therefore, this results in a tie. Unfortunately taking the dreams from Paul and giving them to the repressed personality means that he no longer has any dreams and has become an insomniac.

Ludicrous idea, but it sort of works. While I do not truly have a repressed personality or any form of schizophrenia I unfortunately seem to lack any dreams... Except during daylight of course.