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Welcome to my world.

I own you now.

Hobbies (Illegal)[edit]

  • Spamming my Python
  • Creating feedback loops with a pair of factoid bots, thus creating an endless round of verbal tennis
  • Creating "snacky" loops with one factoid bot, thus unleashing a tidal fury of botsnackage
  • Creating a "floody" attack with a factoid bot, thus filling every other line of #bots with cheerful flooding
  • Turning aerosol sunscreen into a flamethrower (yes, it works quite well actually!)
  • Soul-eating

NOTE: I have mostly given up screwing up other people's bots. Ubik has shown me the light.

Hobbies (Legal)[edit]

  • Discussing philosophy
  • Writing short, questionably useful Python scripts
  • Writing a bot (Ubik)
  • Using strange combos of bots for bizarre commands (see also Punish)
  • Being a secular Jew (it's easy and the bagels are delicious!)
  • Creating flowcharts and decision trees for Choose Your Own Misadventure
  • Extreme Walking, including running and hiking

Hobbies (Borderline)[edit]

  • Criticizing British terminology of any sort
  • Making fun of Nash for being a Communist
  • ♫ Singing ♫

Explanation of Nicks, by rarity[edit]

  • Daedalus: Usual nick (on Denizens page) (recovered from Nate Gallaher)
  • Deadalus: Emergency unregistered nick
  • Ubik: My bot
  • Fublag: Other nick (also my blog)
  • Icarus: Nick stolen by Fredd
  • DaedClient: Python IRC client
  • Actaeus: My fora account


  • Punish:

An amusing use of tooly, Alcon, shadowfax and flyingferret:

<Daedalus> Punish yzal
<tooly> Flyingferret, timebomb yzal or !lart yzal

<flyingferret> timebomb yzal
<tooly> flyingferret, you cruel bastard!
* shadowfax stuffs the bomb into yzal's pants.  The display reads [N] seconds.
<shadowfax> Defuse the bomb by cutting the correct wire. Use 'cutwire wire'. There are four wires. They are $WIRES.
<tooly> cutwire $RAND_WIRE
<shadowfax> *BOOM!* yzal is dead. YAY!
<shadowfax> The correct wire was $WIRE!

<flyingferret> !lart yzal
* Alcon $HARMS yzal
  • Feedback:

A simple usage of two bots and one phrase, which each bot is trained to parrot.

  • Boredom:

Why I'm not finishing this stupid list