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Now that you have your own domain and it connects to a squeeze page you Affiliate Bots need to make sure you also have an auto responder service. You can find all kinds of services ranging from free or paid and the reason for the auto responder is this is where you will build your list. People will subscribe to your squeeze page. Once they subscribe you will also have the opportunity to put together a number of emails so they can go out automated to your list. This is the best way to build credibility and market your business on a regular basis. You can also do a broadcast. This is an email that you can add at anytime and send it out to everyone on your list via email.

The third thing your going to need is traffic. Now keep in mind traffic is either paid with dollars or paid with time. Anyone that says just submit a free link and sit back and cash your checks is probably not giving you the full picture. Now knowing that put together a budget of what you can afford dollar wise for advertising. If its 50 dollars, 500 dollars it does not matter. The more you spend in dollars the less you will have to invest time wise. Now that you have a budget figure out how much time you can put into your business per day, per week and per month. With having your squeeze page and auto responder in place, traffic is the most important piece of this puzzle and will give you the fuel to run your business.

The fourth and final thing you will need is follow-up. Your auto responder can be used as a good follow-up system but you should also use Skype and have an email set up with your domain. This will give you the professionalism you need to not only show people you are real but give a place for your clients to connect and ask questions. Also a place for you to send out emails or call them to connect. The final thing I am also going to recommend if you have not already done so is make sure you are at least on LinkedIn and Facebook.Internet Marketing is the best career with the ability to start on a shoe string budget and grow into a multi million dollar business. If I can help in any way please do not hesitate to reach out and connect.