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Tumblr is awesome.[citation needed] And so is Bucket.[citation needed] Here's a list of Tumblrs that have been created because Bucket.

[edit] Tumblrs created because Bucket

Please keep this list in alphabetical order. Keep etymologies short by cutting out timestamps and irrelevant conversation.

Tumblr Owner Ask Submissions Birthday Etymology
There Are Downsides ladymondegreen Yes Yes 2013 / Dec / ? <Oracle989> I don't argue that capitalism is the perfect, flawless system that some people like to make it out to be, certainly it isn't.

<Oracle989> There are downsides
<Bucket> http://therearedownsides.tumblr.com/

YES MOAR TEA negrebskoh Yes Yes 2014 / Jan / 05 <Antior> AAANYWAY

<negrebskoh> MOAR TEA
<negrebskoh> EXACTLY
<ladyferret> yes, moar tea
<Bucket> http://yesmoartea.tumblr.com/

Don't Encourage Fahrenheitism zilti Yes Yes 2014 / Jan / 13
Or Disturbingly, Both ladymondegreen Yes Yes 2014 / Jan / ? <WassPord> If an international #xkcd meet happened ... oh boy

<Xenos> WassPord: It'd probably end in an orgy or a massacre
<Xenos> WassPord: Or, disturbingly, both.
<Bucket> http://ordisturbinglyboth.tumblr.com/

It's probably quantum neoinr Yes Yes 2014 / Jan / 31 <SpicyLemon> Well. it didn't /have/ to have bacon, but... it had to have bacon.

<Althir> It's probably quantum.#
<Bucket> http://itsprobablyquantum.tumblr.com/
<Althir> You know, that would be a good name for a tumblr. But I don't need one.