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Tumblr is awesome.[citation needed] And so is Bucket.[citation needed] Here's a list of Tumblrs that have been created because Bucket.

Tumblrs created because Bucket[edit]

Please keep this list in alphabetical order. Keep etymologies short by cutting out timestamps and irrelevant conversation.

Tumblr Owner Ask Submissions Birthday Etymology
There Are Downsides ladymondegreen Yes Yes 2013 / Dec / ? <Oracle989> I don't argue that capitalism is the perfect, flawless system that some people like to make it out to be, certainly it isn't.

<Oracle989> There are downsides
<Bucket> http://therearedownsides.tumblr.com/

YES MOAR TEA negrebskoh Yes Yes 2014 / Jan / 05 <Antior> AAANYWAY

<negrebskoh> MOAR TEA
<negrebskoh> EXACTLY
<ladyferret> yes, moar tea
<Bucket> http://yesmoartea.tumblr.com/

Don't Encourage Fahrenheitism zilti Yes Yes 2014 / Jan / 13
Or Disturbingly, Both ladymondegreen Yes Yes 2014 / Jan / ? <WassPord> If an international #xkcd meet happened ... oh boy

<Xenos> WassPord: It'd probably end in an orgy or a massacre
<Xenos> WassPord: Or, disturbingly, both.
<Bucket> http://ordisturbinglyboth.tumblr.com/

It's probably quantum neoinr Yes Yes 2014 / Jan / 31 <SpicyLemon> Well. it didn't /have/ to have bacon, but... it had to have bacon.

<Althir> It's probably quantum.#
<Bucket> http://itsprobablyquantum.tumblr.com/
<Althir> You know, that would be a good name for a tumblr. But I don't need one.

And Maybe Gayer Kalium Yes Yes 2017 / Mar / 12 <Kalium> There are so many gay animals. Lions still have to be my favourite in the Large Mammal dept.

<relsqui> Kalium: over humans? ouch, lol
<jamesl> lions are larger than humans
<jamesl> and maybe gayer
<Bucket> http://andmaybegayer.tumblr.com/

Full context can be found here The blog is TECHNICALLY not born of Bucket, since it was already Kalium's. Still, counts.