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A somewhat pointless game, see here for the rules.

Fredd has seen fit to make his own personal version of the game, which is backwards-compatible with public-domain versions. The rules are exactly the same, except whenever Fredd remembers the game, he wins, instead of losing. Bonus points are scored for the number of people who subsequently lose the game.

XKCD has done his best to free you from the shackles of the game:

Anti mind virus.png

Various denizens have devised cunning methods to avoid losing the game. Also an option: use a slow mobile phone connection -> get to read the text before the images load -> ??? -> profit. Yet another: don't load images at all. They're bloaty and take the internet a step away from the true Matrix experience (namely, elinks/w3m/lynx/...).

Another XKCD reader has developed an idea on how to tie the game.

Another XKCD reader suggests that, if - going by the rules - you are always playing the game, then, at every moment in time, you either win or lose the game; therefore, all players win most of the times. This should be enough to give players relief from the frustration of losing, the few times that this happens.

Other denizens tell whoever made them lose "fuck $who".[citation needed]

A version of the game, enjoyed by many, is played in this way:

  • If you think about the game, you win the game.
  • All winnings must be announced.
  • If you are the third person in the same "round" to announce a win, you actually lose the game, oh well.