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This was awesome!! We will soon have pics on this page. ~Ykstort

This is an xkcdCon. There has been interest to organise #xkcd meetups in the UK this year, and the first one will be in Nottingham to honour Saturn and me (Kali). The date will be the second weekend in April (8th till 10th), and the non-locals will be staying at the Igloo hostel. We've booked a room for 6 people for now, but it's a 10bed room so we should be able to all be in the same one. InTheBlue has agreed to make brownies, if I can be bothered I'll make cherry & chocolate cake beforehand (because my roommates refuse to make it for me or have anything to do with a non-traditional birthday cake), there will be curry (either provided by Saturn or by me) and I'll make some potato soup if there's interest.

Also, pubs.

I propose white wine, as well.

I also propose a theme... something easy, like silly hats. Everyone loves silly hats. We also dress up as indian women!


Meet and Greet[edit]

The train station in Nottingham will be the meeting point. InTheBlue will be leaving to pick up Corynne from EMA at 4pm, so Polynomial [Graham] and RoadieRIch (Rich) will be meeting most of you at Nottingham Train Station. If you arrive there and nobody seems to be around, we might have gone round the corner to get some food or drink. I suggest as many of us exchange numbers as we can, so you can get in touch if you get lost or can't find us. If any locals would like to help him out with meeting non-locals at stations, also please get a hold of him.

Polynomial is a 6'2" goth with long jet black hair, so he will not be hard to spot. In fact, here's a photo of him looking rather shocked. He will most likely also be carrying some kind of xkcd sign. If you need his phone number, just poke him on IRC. He'll be in Nottingham from 13:00. If you don't know Nottingham well enough to make it to the train station, we can organise meeting you at the bus station or elsewhere instead. Please let Polynomial know on IRC if you need us to do this.

RoadieRich is 5'10" geek with long brown hair and a beard, and tends to be harder to spot. (In fact, here's a photo of him playing the guitar). He will be wearing a hat with a either a large red feather or a smaller yellow feather. If you need his phone number, just poke him on IRC. He'll lives in Nottingham. If you don't know Nottingham well enough to make it to the train station, we can organise meeting you at the bus station or elsewhere instead. Please let RoadieRich know on IRC if you need us to do this.

Polynomial currently has numbers for: Corynne, Himerius, InTheBlue, Kalivha, Plastefuchs, Saturn, terran, Ykstort and RoadieRich. Everyone else get in touch on IRC so I have your numbers!

InTheBlue has numbers for Polynomial, anaximander, terran, Himerius, RoadieRich and Kalivha.

Corynne[Stephanie]: Arriving Fri, 08Apr11 at EMA at 16:55, Flight FR1743.

Kalivha[Susanne]: Arriving Fri, 08Apr11 at the train station at 16:54, the train comes from Derby. I can wait till you're back from EMA, don't mind that. :) Train back is Wed, 13Apr, at 15:28.

Ykstort[Joe]: Arriving Fri, 08 April at the train station at 17:36, train is from Ely. Train home on Sun, 13 April, 13:42

DaMullet[Addison + Olivia]: Arriving Friday 08 April at the train station at 16:05, train from Cardiff Central. Train home on Monday, 11 April around 16:00 we haven't really decided.

Plastefuchs[Sebastian]: Arriving Friday at the train station around 13:25, train from Luton Airport (whatever line that is). Getting back on Sunday, 11:46.

Saturn[Andrew]: Arriving Friday at the train station, godknowswhen

terran[Niall]: Arriving at the train station, Friday at 21:05

anaximander[Nick]: Can't get there til Saturday, probably 2ish but that may be completely inaccurate; I'll turn up at some point anyways.

Plan for Saturday constructed by terran[edit]

  • Pints at the Trip
  • Taxi to Warhammer World (about £2 each), pints and dinner in Bugman's Bar
  • Pints at the Pit
  • Pints somewhere
  • Pints

The Plastefuchs'che Game Korner[edit]

I plan to bring at least two boardgames with me, maybe Chaos in the Old World ( and Small World (, but i also take suggestions, i don't have that many games though.

RoadieRich can bring Chez Geek (wiki) (and Chez Cthulhu if it's arrived) and Apples To Apples. Both are card games, both cause much meriment when played. Chez Geek is great and i only heard good things about Apples To Apples -Plastefuchs

Anaximander has Risk, if anyone's up for a game, bearing in mind how long the average game of risk can take (although the various drinking variations can alter this by a few hours either way.

People attending[edit]

Please just add yourselves to this. This will be treated as a definite yes.





terran's friend




a_fuzzyduck - oops. was in the wrong category



Plastefuchs - will bring german tobacco and easter chocolat eggs with him, if you want anything from zee germanz, just prod him

Ykstort - Got my tickets!! \o/ My train arrives in nottingham at 17:36 on the 8th. I will be wearing purple for easy recognition. And a very silly hat. Also: my number is 07929fgfds278899




--- We've got a room booked for these six people. 
--- If you want to book one separately we encourage you to still do it at the Igloo so we can hang out and stuff. ---
--- Contact any of the people above to find out how to try and stay in our room! ---