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This will be an xkcdCon. Some people have expressed interest in meeting up for more than a day in the UK this summer, and I'd like to use this space to gather suggestions and preferences. Just edit in what you want to say, when you have time, where you want to go, etc.


We have four suggestions at the moment.


London obviously has a lot of stuff to do, but it is expensive. I've looked at properties we could rent for a month, if you want more than 2 bedrooms, it's gonna be in the thousands of pounds for a month, and most larger places can't be rented per week. For stuff to do: We can picnic with the locals, such as the lovely Mr logic, go to charity shops, there's two hackerspaces with things to do and if we can get Internet up, there's that.


Nottingham is cheap. At the Igloo, it's £15 per night if you don't mind dorms, and the last time I was there (in 2008) you could book whole weeks after the first week for £58 or so, if I remember correctly. There is free Internet, as well. There shall be InTheBlue's brownies and my Chicken Jalfrezi. Also, hackerspace exists and seems to have some interesting stuff going on.

For booking a room, go here.

This is happening in April, so make decisions! I won't have Internet till late March so I cannot talk to you on IRC, but I will keep looking at this page.

Also, I think it would be kind of cool if we could book as a group so that we're not divided up as much. I'll be checking this and a few people have my number in case something is to be decided. I'd say everyone who isn't local should stay at the Igloo, I could stay somewhere else for free but I will be nice and stay with you guys 'cause it's fun! I will probably book the room(s) myself about a month in advance. If you wish to be included in that, contact me (a few people on IRC have my phone number and I'll probably be able to be online on weekends; alternatively, my e-mail address is on the denizens page and I can actually check that at college!). Cheers! --Kali


  • Main attraction: Fringe. This runs for the month of August, and there are loads (hundreds) of live music/theatre/comedy shows running throughout the city *every single night*. In addition to the main Fringe there are not one, but *two* Free Fringe festivals, which offer the same sort of entertainment but for *free*! There are generally big name headliners in the main Fringe (Saturn has seen Bill Bailey, Billy Conolly, Adam Hills and Jimmy Carr perform during the Fringe).
  • Prices would be somewhere between Nottingham and London. If we have 10+ people, it may be possible to arrange a flat right opposite some lovely geeky people. Bear in mind that festival prices are more expensive, but if we arrange something soon, we will be able to get a good deal. Also, hostels start at £12 a night, though will probably be more during the festival period.
  • There is a hackerspace in Edinburgh, apparently. Also, there's a monthly TechMeetup (site seems down at the moment, was working last night), which is brilliant for meeting some great folk, as well as doing a spot of professional networking. Huzzah!

Plus++: Saturn's cooking skills (because apparently, Indian curries are better than Pakistani curries). In fact, there will only be curry. And onion bhajis. And that other stuff Saturn makes. (wow, no pressure then --Saturn) (hey, no one said I wouldn't make curry, too! --Kali)

Hullo, Saturn here! I would just like to reiterate how awesome the Edinburgh Fringe is. There really is so much going on during the Festival season, even over and above the Fringe. There are lots of mini-festivals, and literally everything you could possibly think of has stuff going on (including munches). There's something for everyone, so roll up, roll up, etcetera, etcetera. Also, I can assure you that we won't be eating curry exclusively... Edinburgh++


  • Himerius. Enough said.


I'd be all for 2-4 weeks, but it does of course depend on others' schedules.

As I seem to be the one organising this, it would be nice to do it while I actually have time, more about that below.


Saturn and me have been talking, and decided that we'll most likely go with two dates.

The first will be the second weekend of April, most likely in Nottingham (and all you London people better show up to that! Also, it's Saturn's and my birthday around that time, you know what that means), while we would like the second to be the whole month of August, in Edinburgh.

For accommodation see the individual locations' sections. I think a hostel for a weekend makes sense, and a flat for a month does, as well.

These dates are obviously not fixed, and depend wholly on whether they are convenient for everyone else. The main reason for the Nottingham date is that it's in the holiday season for a lot of UK folks, and Edinburgh... August... FRINGE!

I'm at uni in Nottingham; obviously I'll be home for Easter at some point, should be getting back to Nottingham on the 9th or 10th of April, probably the 9th. -anaximander


In my experience, it's great to have an actual house to hang out rather than just a hostel. I've also rented one for a week with Internet people before, it's doable. I don't think life without Internet is possible, though, so unless we decide to go the l33t h4xx0r route for that, it would require some more planning and I would probably ask the locals to deal with that aspect, and then try and get it sorted myself in the end, anyway.

If any of the European mainland folk come, I actually have a couple of power plug adapters and a EU multi-plug (it has 4 spaces, 2-3 of which I need at any given time).


Yeah, this is the tough bit. It ain't gonna be cheap.


A very quick and dirty on-the-spot mental estimate puts it at around £500 - £600 each, not including transport, though remember that this for a whole month. The more adventurous of you may do well to get a part-time job if we do Edinburgh (trust me, there's plenty stuff going during the Festival).


Accomodation and food can be done for £80-90 a week if you know how to avoid spending unnecessarily. If you actually want to do stuff, calculate in £500 for a whole month.


ATTENTION: anybody who is in a position to already confirm that they are definitely doing this, please say so below!


I'd be up for any of the above locations, if I can get the money together. I do need to go to Germany at some point (which I can choose freely) and Ireland (this will be in August and only for a couple of days). I'll have exams up till June, and not all the dates are known to me yet — but the latest I know the date of right now is on 15/06. Forgot to add that I'll start uni at some point, but this could be at any point in September or October so... I've got 2 months pretty much free in any case. That should be enough, right? And I might go to uni in Edinburgh or Nottingham, so whichever I choose would be particularly convenient.



I'm primarily up for London, outside of London will be tricky for me, partly because of work, partly because of expenses. I'm also to only be doing 1-2 days, rather than the entire month. As much as I like the idea, I simply can't take that much time off atm.


Edinburgh Edinburgh Edinburgh Edinburgh Edinburgh Edinburgh Edinburgh Edinburgh Edinburgh Edinburgh Edinburgh Edinburgh Edinburgh Edinburgh Edinburgh Edinburgh Edinburgh Edinburgh Edinburgh Edinburgh Edinburgh Edinburgh Edinburgh Edinburgh.

That is all.


Is broke and far away from UK... Too far :(


Maybe to most locations, depending on finances and timings. If can make it, will bring combat skirts and corsetry, but not many electronics.


Liable to have a very busy summer, but will definitely drop by at least briefly if at all possible. Nottingham is by far the easiest for me. So far, nothing planned beyond early July, so any time between then and when I'm back to uni in September. Nottingham is easiest, because I'm at uni there and will therefore have accommodation of my own, and it's the closest and cheapest, which is important to penniless students like me. Also for those not from the UK, East Midlands Airport is nearby and there's a cheap and convenient bus from there to the city centre.

Ykstort Definitely coming to any. Edinburgh Fringe Festival sounds awesome though. This thing is within my power and the idea appeals to me so much that I confirm that i am booked to attend #xkcd UK meetup 2011 Update: hopefully gonna do april as well as august. as im going to be out of a job soon, everything depends on how soon I get a new one and stuff. Also, I assume the nottingham trip will probably be shorter? I'll try and stay for a week if I can, but, money, money, money. We'll see!



I can probably go anywhere for it at a weekend (though London would be preferred)

drey I've not been to Scotland in all of my 22 years so far and don't intend to break that record. I'm also unable to do the whole month long thing with work and all. I'm pretty much available for London anytime.

Corynne I'll be on a 5 day week job then, I may pop over for a weekend if this gets going.

freelancer Cool! I'd definitely wanna attend if I can afford it and have the time! I love meetups!

Cheez Sounds fun, I couldn't do more than a day or two. Preferably London but I suppose I could travel to Scotland if needs must! :)

Plastefuchs I'd love to attent, lets see what school and university will throw at me. Having a concrete date would help me plan things though. :)

Himerius Will probably be at/performing at the Fringe anyway so that could be good. Nottingham is good for me as I know anaximander IRL and I live in Sheffield... Which makes that easy for me :P Essentially I think fringe would be best for awesome, but Nottingham would be best for those on more of a budget.

Ajhayter Strongly interested, but due to work, will likely only be able to visit everyone else on a weekend. Slight possibility of getting a whole week off, once date/location is set. London preferential, Nottingham is fine. Edinburgh is a long trip from Portsmouth, but I can probably still make that.

LE4dGOLEM aka fourd Edinburgh! Or London :) But with a preference towards Edinburgh