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{{Infobox Channel
|name = 
|server = 
|genre = 

|founder1 =
|founder3 =

|admin1 = 
|admin4 = 

|op1 =
|op2 =
|op25 =

|hop1 =
|hop10 =

|bot1 =
Attribute Content
name* The Channel Name In its entirety (including the #)
server Server address. Will default to irc.foonetic.net
genre* The general genre of the channel
av_cont* The average contents of the channel
founder1...founder3 The channel founders. Only 3 allowed
admin1...admin4 The channel admins. Only 4 allowed
op1, op2...op25 The ops of the channel. up to 25 allowed
hop1, hop2...hop10 The half-ops of the channel. up to 10 allowed
bot1, bot2...bot10 The official bots of the channel. up to 10 allowed

NB: Attributes with a * after them are required