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I have a strategy for not losing The Game. First, there are several versions of The Game, going from losing when you remember it exists, to losing when you realize you lose. Always think about a version you haven't lost. For example, if you think about the game, remember that you're not playing, so you don't lose. If you remember you're playing, mentally claim you're not, and remember that you don't lose unless you admit you play, which you don't. This is very similar to the natural process of rationalizing, so it's easy to do. You can only lose the version of The Game that you're actually thinking about, so this would prevent you from actually losing. Also, if you tend to react to thoughts involving "The Game" with "I lost The Game" change that. I originally changed it to "What game?", but it's not very helpful unless you have something else more interesting to think about. -- DanielLC 16:40, 25 April 2009 (UTC)