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We're no strangers...

Rick Astley is one of the greatest Americans ever. Also, he invented music.


[edit] History

Born in 1892, Astley was introduced to the world as "the most obnoxious baby in Colorado". He began to dance - not walk - at the age of 4 weeks. He grew up rapidly and produced his hit single "Never Gunna Give You Up" at the age of 8. He is now sitting in a room, by himself, staring at a massive LCD monitor that flashes lights on areas of the globe every time one of his videos are played. Contrary to popular belief, Rick Astley is NOT British.

[edit] Popular Culture

People seem to not like Mr. Astley due to his enormous presence on the Internets. Links that lead to his music videos are often the source of many a homicide, and are referred to as "Rickrolling". Performing this task while in a vehicle at another driver, while impressive, is heard to cause instant mass confusion and carnage in a 4 mile radius. This is not advised.

[edit] Battle Between Randall Munroe and Astley

Astley was known to have said: I never knew how terrible it was to hap- to happen to you... (sniff) I didn't think I was hurting anybody!" Also, [[1]]

[edit] Final Conclusion

Rick Astley drinks your milkshake.

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