Pussy Beer

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Pussy Beer is an alcoholic beverage created from using Candida yeast from a vaginal yeast infection to create fermentation in a custom mash consisting of vaginal lubrication, menses, and rice.

Preliminary Research

  • airtank will not help us.
  • natjo would like to select the appropriate vagina.
  • The vagina will be used as the fermentation tank.
  • Orphan children could be bought to be used as our fermentation tanks.


Due to the nature of Candida yeast (spore forming) the fermented product will contain live pathogens. For this reason it is essential to submit the beer to a number of processes:

  • Filtration for particulate matter.
  • Distillation to increase alcohol content and provide a less hospitable environment for the yeast spores.
  • Ultraviolet light screening, the most probable method to kill off any still surviving spores.