Poke game

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This game requires...

  • A crowded area full of not-obviously-busy people (college towns are good)
  • A plastic cafeteria spoon
  • A full Darth-Vader outfit, or any other costume that includes a mask... Darth Vader is recommended.
  • A friend (sorry)
  • A stopwatch

With your friend, establish the boundaries of the area. Remember them.

  1. One of you wear the costume (and take the spoon).
  2. Pick a target person inside the boundaries who does not know about the game.
  3. When your turn is finished, it's your friend's turn.
  4. Feel free to tape any rounds, and post links here.

The object of the game is to remove the target from the area as quickly as possible. The person with the costume now approaches the target. But there are rules...

  1. You may not speak or communicate with your target in any way.
  2. The only contact between player and target will be a harmless poke with the spoon- only on the shoulder or upper arm.
  3. You may poke every 10 seconds.
  4. If the target speaks, you listen, nod politely, and poke them again.
  5. Time starts when you enter the area, and when the target is out of the area your friend may stop the clock.

For obvious reasons, pick someone who is not likely to punch you. DO NOT PICK A POLICE OFFICER.