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The Fourth Doctor watches Aprileee walk to the pimpressive edge.
04:43 < Aprileee> WHOA WHAT HAPPENED
04:43 < Aprileee> woa even more pimpsressive i htink i typed that right@@@
04:43 < wsa> hey Aprileee are you drunk?
04:43 < Aprileee> NO
04:43 < Aprileee> not t lal
04:43 < Aprileee> i'm 200% ysober

Most pimpressive[edit]

04:55 <@postdrunkern> hi i mpomo and im drunk ovg my ass righ now\5
04:55 <@postdrunkern> adutally tis is pril but i cliek to berprent ho\ly shit i can kick people\
04:55 -!- Solet was kicked from #xkcd by postdrunkern [postdrunkern]
04:55 <@postdrunkern> \yesssss
04:55 <@postdrunkern> \THE PRERRRR
04:56 <@postdrunkern> \ITS AWEOE706
04:56 -!- creature was kicked from #xkcd by postdrunkern [\HOW DO YOU LIEK TAHTTTT]
Solet was standing in front of a shopping cart when he was kicked. Awwwwwwww :(