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Also, Palo's userpage

<whiskeyish> palo is 44% emo hair, 26% cookies, 185% music and 33 1/3% internets.

<whiskeyish> and 100% :P

21 ways to prevent Palomides in putting his pants back on:[edit]

e^(sqrt(e^(i*pi))*pi). Divide by zero
0. null
1. Tape his hands to his butt
2. Tape his pants to the ceiling
3. s/tape/superglue/
4. Turn up the heat. waaaaay up.
5. Throw the pants in a furnace
6. Throw his hands in a furnace I'll throw YOUR hands in a furnace! >=F
7. Present convincing data that shows that pants are correlated with cancer
8. Superglue his hands to the furnace.
9. Give the pants to stiglet
10. ...
12. Expose him to sodomy
13. Put his pants in a kirklybox
14. Show him a female
15. Glue them to his head (as a hat)
16. Show him pr0n
17. Glue his feet to the ceiling
18. Glue his butt to the ceiling
19. Glue his feet to his butt
20. Convince him that we love him and we'll marry him.
21. Tell him there's a party in someone else's pants
22. Present him with a furry stiglet.
23. Present him with candy. In a van.