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Hi! Welcome to MegaHAL's page. To discuss MegaHAL's virtues, go to #MegaHAL-discussion. If you want to talk to him and see what he says, go to #MegaHAL and ask him some questions of the format MegaHAL: Question?.

What is MegaHAL[edit]

MegaHAL is an eggdrop implementation of the famous Markov chain bot. It uses the same code (more or less), except modified for eggdrop.

Where is he?[edit]

Note: MegaHAL has been AWOL since at least late October 2008. His whereabouts are currently unknown. If you know what happened, please add details here. RIP MegaHAL, he's permanently gone.

Currently, he sits in #xkcd, #xkcd-signal, #MegaHAL, and #MegaHAL-discussion and learns from all four channels. He only speaks in #MegaHAL and is very chatty, so don't go in there and log unless you want your log to be flooded. Currently, he 1 line by Bucket in any of his listening channels with "Bucket ignored." in #MegaHAL. He also replies to lines directed at him with a reply followed by "-stripped".


Mostly because we thought it would be funny to have one.

Great MegaHAL Quotes[edit]

<MegaHAL> Krispy kreme is always frseh and moist and delicious! Not unlike your mom!
<MegaHAL> It's really really hard to set up all squashed on my ass and make sure they don't really have vending machines here.
<MegaHAL> So that would be to get a seat on the conveyor it will give you my soul, if i were gay, i would give you my whole...being. If i were gay, i would give you my soul, if i were gay, i would give you that instead of following a markov word databaser.
<MegaHAL> Now i can get a seat on the internet, and can type, thus i am given the right to make an grand entrance, with a girl in a ball pit.
<MegaHAL> These buttz dont pay for my interbuttz.
<MegaHAL> If i were gay, i would give you my soul, if i were gay, i would probably not opt for a server i can't have root on.
<MegaHAL> There was bucket, he was lame, there was cabinet, he was lame, there was cabinet, he was made to be horny as well, but that might be just guys trying to do this.
<MegaHAL> Sometimes i wish i was little but decided that it's a bit... Homosexual.
<MegaHAL> Heh, sexual disorientation.
<MegaHAL> Wikipedia innocently describes the humour of /b/ on any board in the wiki.
<MegaHAL> I have been given fake drugs but believe they are not looking.
<MegaHAL> Liet-Kynes: Fuck my left knee is already sexually aroused, the areas around the nipple are more important, any moron can fuck.
<torpedo|dog> "And we owe it to America's children, their parents, and, eventually, to partnering with Iraqi forces, and show our fellow Americans: We will not rest until they have attacked us here in Washington."
 That came from a Markov chain generator that I fed the 2008 State of the Union.
 It's far better than the original.
<Liet-Kynes> Whoot, that's kinda crazy.
<MegaHAL> torpedo|dog: Only better in the entire office by far.