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Want to meatspace fellow XKCD IRCers? Want to consume booze whilst doing so? Then sign up to take part in this year's XKCD IRC Meetup London 2014.

Date and location is now set if you plan to join us, please add your name to the Attendees list. We might (probably) organise another meet in June, if you are interested please add your foonetic nick to the list at the bottom, so we can poke you when it's being arranged).

Date & Time: Saturday 26th April 2pm onwards.


Fitzroy Tavern


  • Frogg
  • Oriza
  • drowsyturtle
  • Bubo
  • arble
  • _spells

People looking to possibly meet up June onwards:

  • Palomides will be around London middle of June.
  • Caffeine can possibly (probably not) go to London in the summertime if he gets monies
  • Crox will consider joining if it takes place from mid-June onwards
  • Doqnach will be in London for the October 2014 MCM Expo, available for meetups during that weekend
  • SpaceHobo may be convinced, if other obligations release themselves
  • Telo considers anything south of Lancashire to be out of arm's reach and therefore far away, but could possibly make June/July