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Mayonnaise is a type of spread concentrated into physical form. It is good with potatoes, bread and whatever else you can find, especially Hellmann's "All ketchup and no mayo makes sandwich crazy"


[[1]] Spreading on food and stuff like that.

Sinko da Mayo[edit]

In the mid-nineteenth century, France tried to invade Mexico. In order to prevent small-scale local resistance, they earned the trust of the locals by introducing them to the wonders of French mayonnaise. Said locals soon became addicts, and the French could charge exorbitant prices for the product while continuing their conquest.

Eventually, the people of Mexico realized their country was being destroyed while they feasted on mayonnaise, and a small, brave band of peasants boarded a mayonnaise tanker and dumped thousands of gallons into Mexico Harbor. This has become known as the Mexican Mayo Party.

On May 5 every year, Mexicans hold a day of celebration to remember their liberation from the Mayonnaise Monopoly that distracted them from the invading army.

User testimonies:[edit]

It's really, really, awesome.

~ Monarch on Mayonnaise

I would like to go on record to say that Mayonnaise is not really really awesome. thank you.

~ on Mayonnaise

Srsly, it's great. It works with everything, including Bucket. <3 Mayonnaise

~ Debaser on Mayonnaise

I love mayonnaise, its totaly awsome <3 Mayonnaise

~ rainboqer on Mayonnaise

It's true. I had some recently. Be beware the 'salad dressing' imposter! <3 Mayonnaise

~ Reefstiz on Mayonnaise

By the way, there are two Ns in 'Mayonnaise'.

~ res0 on Mayonnaise

Why, there is! Remarkable!

~ NoobSauce on the previous quote


~ LordOfWhales on the previous quote on the previous quote