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Welcome to the MAFIA denizens page. If you regularly attend #mafia in Foonetic, feel free to add your name to the list (keep the channel status and alphabetical order!). Do not change the information from anyone else's boxes, general civility rules apply, you know the drift.

Have fun and don't hurt yourselves!


Nick Name Age Gen-
Location Favourite
Notes Image
&chaos95 Morgan Lokhorst-Blight 31 M Melbourne, Australia Co-Creator of PyGBot with Dritz, frequent idler, channel owner and unabashed Python zealot. Pending.jpg
&Dritz Aleksandr Soborov 24 M Kansas, USA Doctor Creator of the Mafia plugin for PyGBot, and currently working on the rewrite. Please don't bug him about it. HE'S BUSY OKAY. Tf2mafia1.jpg
&jercos Jeremy Sturdivant 25 M Felton, CA, USA det Owner of mafianode, breaker of codes, and learner of patterns.
I know you're the scum. I can feel it.
"<3 jercos" - joannac
&joannac_ Joanna 23 F The future killing mafia Wiki admin and channel op.
"Overall pretty awesome person" - jercos
"Except when not" - Crayboff
"Nah, she's pretty cool." - Crayboff
"...sometimes. :P" - Crayboff
"Nah, just kidding." - Crayboff
"Joannac_ is awesome. EOF" - You
"She is the womb from which all foonetic sprang" - Chaos95
@blurrrr shiloe less old than wooble F southern az i love post-it notes and adding extra letters to words. i hate capital letters. also notorious for /me'ing a lot. sometimes known as spooks, but siobhan hates the nick and always makes it mafia. Ghostie.jpg
@Crayboff Sir Cray B. Offington 24 M USA killing mafia Writer of Craybot (aka kiwi) and the #mafia wiki. If you have problems with either of these, bring it up with him. Kiwi growth will occur when he has time, which isn't often. Peeves: When people don't read the wiki and still ask questions, when people break the rules, skynet, joannac :P jk. Kiwi1.jpg
@nameless Chris 25 M Florida scum Pending.jpg
%You Michael Brindle 23 M Bay Area, CA, USA Detective Creator of Younata, the mafia-playing bot. Currently working on Younata 2.0, also named Youtsuba. Pending.jpg
Blastedt Tim 15 M Northeast US Cop! Sole liker of cop. Pending.jpg
CJMiller CJ Miller 15 M Florida The cake is a lie~ Pending.jpg
Excedrin Scott more old than wooble M Bay Area, CA, USA Ordinary Citizen Mafia addict, constantly trying to get people to play weird variants and setups in other channels. Author of yak mafia modding bot, various stats scripts, simulator for agent results, OSBF-Lua based scumtell text analysis etc. Author of Mafia_Strategy 4pixl.png
Gregoryn Greg Not N for a last name :P 21 M Manalapan, NJ, USA Probably doc Dunno. Pending.jpg
hurristat David 16 M The hellhole of the universe, e.g., Michigan I am the walrus! Pending.jpg
JacobIsNorth or Rythoka Jacob 15 M US of A Uber hardcore dude right der! Pending.jpg
Jonanin Jon Morton 22 M Wisconsin, USA nub Pending.jpg
Kai_ Kai 13 M California People love to kill me, I die almost every game :P Pending.jpg
kidko Chris 23 M Northern Virginia, USA; not to be confused with the rest of it doc Possibly the only Ruby advocate on this side of the Internet. Pending.jpg
Kolko Koen Jacobs 23 M Belgium Jester I WAS FORCED TO DO THIS Pending.jpg
MBD123 Matt 19 M Texas Scum. Someday I'll actually win a game for a team of scum. Someday... I enjoy a nice cup of tea now and again. I'm talking about actual brewed tea. Not sweet tea, not iced tea, but nice brewed tea. I'm not picky about my teas, though. My favorite is Earl Grey, but I like chamomile at night because it helps me sleep. I also like knitting, programming (total noob), and mafia (noob as well) Pending.jpg
Nikc Nick Burdick 21 M New York Jesterbomb cult leader Does not like talking about himself. Pending.jpg
Omorpheus Christopher Twenty Something Year Old M NYC Detective I hate being mafia Pending.jpg
Oriza Alice Elliott 22 F Ann Arbor, Michigan doctor doctor doctor make me well! Horrendously oblivious to many things. Flamed bass.png
Self Self 16 M USA The det knows all! I was the one that suggested this page to Crayboff. _0x44, Kolko: you're welcome. Also, I'm a programming noob learning Python. I get action'd a lot because people think it's funny to "save Self" or "Self-kill". Pending.jpg
Typoman Mitchell Baker 26 M Queensland, Australia Hoster for kiwi. I'm the one that gets bugged when kiwi dies D: Only interesting thing i have done is that time i was ninja doc. no one died, flawless victory. Pending.jpg
valkyrie9 Rose 19 F Baltimore, MD (Michigan native) detective or killing mafia Composer, huge Wagner fan (obviously), eternal n00b. and probably the biggest Glee fan on the whole of IRC. Pending.jpg
Wooble Geoffrey Spear old M Pittsburgh I usually die n1 Pending.jpg