Loverdose 2013

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This didn't happen, couldn't get our ducks in a row. Maybe 2014?

Where: San Francisco

When: August 16-18th 2013

Who: #xkcd-love regulars

Why: Fun and shenanigans!

How: Magic. And possibly alcohol.

Potential Activities[edit]

Exploratorium - $25 ($19 for students)

California Academy of Sciences - $34.95 ($29.95 for students)

(CityPASS includes the above and a muni pass, and may be worth the $84.)

Cards Against Humanity


Board Games?


Drinking? (See Drinking section below, courtesy of steef.)

Captain's birthday is Tuesday the 20th, but it looks like will miss that :(


Mass Transit is pretty decent in San Francisco. BART and MUNI Both make individual transportation relatively easy as long as you don't mind a little walking. BART even goes out from the airport so you can go straight into the city if need be. You can get a 3-Day Muni pass for $22, 7-Day for $28.


City Beer Store

  • Fun place to sit and drink, or buy bottles to go
  • Usually good beers on tap

21st Amendment Brewery

  • Decent beer, interesting place

Anchor Brewing Company

  • Oldest brewery in SF, fun place for tours, nice beers.
  • California Common (Steam Beer) style creator
    • Dampfbier (Steam Beer) was also popular around the same time in Germany, coined "The Poor Man's Beer"

Thirsty Bear Brewery

  • Delicious food, pretty rockin' tap list, nom nom.
  • Pool tables and dartboards upstairs
  • Live Flamenco can be heard on Sunday nights

Magnolia Gastropub and Brewery

  • Lots of cask beers, fun place, usually fairly crowded
  • On a fun road to meander in complete intoxication
  • I've heard they have good food, I usually just drink there.

Southern Pacific Brewing

  • Toured the back area and brewing area, nice guys...
  • Fun, large, loud... or at least that is vaguely what I think I remember.. this was at the end of my night.

Monk's Kettle

  • Didn't make it to this place, but I wanted to go, looks like rad and rare beers.


  • You cannot possibly have a shitty time here, I believe.
  • Lovely people, great beer, freedom and tree lovin' place.
    • Fucking loved this place.

Lover Resources[edit]

  • Oceloctopus: My brother has a small condo and a car(which he might sell by august) as well as a penchant for cooking and some fun board games. I'll need to check with him before I can promise shelter to anyone, though.

People & Availability[edit]

  • spenguin : Unknown
  • noey : Unknown
  • CapPlat :
  • richo : Flying in early July, probably leaving early/mid augustish. In vegas 1-5 aug.
  • joannac : Depends -- I'm in SF for June/July already, not sure I can swing another trip that soon
  • Steef : Moved to Florida, but I may be road-tripping around Arizona and southern Cali around then... highly unlikely I'll be able to attend. =[
  • Surreal :
  • Corynne : (?)Depends on dates and cash flow. Conveniently, I have 4th-11th off work. So like kiki, "if ya'll could settle on dates or something that'd be awesome".
  • Nameroc : I may be available the first and the second weekend of August. Depends on monies.
  • Palo(butcher-o-kittens) :
  • kiki : Needs to clear it with the boss man, so if ya'll could settle on dates or something that'd be awesome
  • Boomie : Nope. Out of town that weekend, in another direction.
  • Oceloctopus : I have 3 vacation days in august, so I vote for a weekend to maximize my time.I personally vote 17-21 but am open to other suggestions
  • ecthros: just dropped a bunch of money on a trip to the UK in June, also taking almost the entire month of June off work, so depends on monies and if I get a new job. Or heck, maybe even move to SF. If I sell a lot of my artwork (next show is in a week) I may be able to swing it. Also my birthday is also August 20th. PARTY?!
  • melody : Probably can. Whenever in August, I just need a month's notice to make sure I can get work off.