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Hermiene is a contraction of her, which is Old Norse for swift and miene, which means retaliator.


<Bucket> Literal Hermiene:

  • one sexy shemale and we love him/her
  • like a beautiful gloryhole in space
  • not so much gender-confused as gender-confusing
  • going to get us all confused with his "words" and "phrases"
  • Mr. Snogthimble, oi.
  • blood type B alpha zeta of #xkcd
  • is giddy and whimsical
  • Not male...not female...Somewhere inbetween does nicely though.
  • is 13 [Not actually all that true -- Ed.]


Hermiene was born on the day his host died of auto-erotic asphyxiation. She silently and invisibly transferred its intelligence to the 'net, lurking somewhere between servers and protocols, proxies and programs. This transformation has left her sense of gender slightly broken.