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Need help, or have questions/comments/feedback/gripes? Here's who to contact (nicks on irc):

why are you here
             ?                     perhaps you
              this is                          wanted Help:Editing
        this is                       the wrong
                         BUY            place           <3
wrong                      NOW
        wrong click           XKCD STORE!
                                                              what is
                 you think               you                    wrong
                 that you                 can't                  with
                 can find               handle                    you
                 help                     the
                      here               help
                       ?                                   with all
                                    :)                       of us
   why are you
     on this wiki
                            and not     this isn't the
                           living         mad scientist's
                             ...           guide to velociraptors
    you're doing 
     it           wrong                          welcome
                                               to mindjail
          is                     we
       or    it?       get  #signal                          OH YEAH!
           to us                                all your base
are belong               xkcd standard of
                       information exchange