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<squinky> I can't believe I'm reading this
<blorpy> i know! isn't literacy great
<blorpy> i can hear it in the cold of the night
<blorpy> y'all bloggers wanna take my life
<blorpy> ^-- changing the n word in rap songs to blogger seems to work perfectly
<blorpy> verbicide: deliberate distortion of the sense of a word (as in punning)
<blorpy> hah, with the tapestry of linguistic misuse i've racked up over the years, i'm quilty as charged
<Ephphatha> ...I just lost a CD I bought no less than ten minutes ago
<blorpy> Ephphatha: you gotta spend money to make money
* relsqui giggles.
<blorpy> you laugh now, relsqui, but you will be the 398791230th up against the wall when the revolution comes
<relsqui> I'll be counting.
<blorpy> there's been a lot of planning
<blorpy> in addition to the database ranking those up against the wall
<blorpy> i've delegated some guys to work on my fear weapon, dolphin hitler
<blorpy> i hope he can be charismatic enough to sway enough of the fishpeoples to my cause
<blorpy> also musselloni
<shoofle> clamamoto?
<blorpy> there's been a lot of friction of late though
<blorpy> what with ariel the merman sharon's health problems
<blorpy> sometimes it is great to curl up in a comfortable burlap sack and sleep
<blorpy> what if instead of peas, we had smaller people who, being trapped in a beachball, decided to eat off the living
<blorpy> i tuch ur meal slot
<blorpy> nothing says quick and responsive like java
<blorpy> except for all those things that say it before java
<blorpy> i just write "ha ha" down on a piece of paper and pass it along
<blorpy> i really should read what i write
<blorpy> but i just can't stand reading all that garbage