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This picture is emad

Emad is a fellow from the internet who goes by the nick "blorpy". Some of us use his name, Emad, as both an adjective and a noun to describe things that are particularly absurd -- things that are both intriguing and inexplicable. For example, the image to the right is emad.

You can see other emads on the Emad page.

About Emad

Emad himself is similarly intriguing and inexplicable. When cornered, he emits a protective cascade of puns. He is a shifty character, swathed in burlap. Funny thing is, you never hear his footsteps. He eats sealed bags of hummus, plays the violin, and sleeps inside a fridge. He is trapped in mindjail.

Emad in his own words

<blorpy> well well well
<blorpy> now the GOAT becomes the GOATEE

(See also Emad Quotes.)

Emad in the words of others

Emad is at http://www.harpers.org/online/gaza_diary/?pg=1
my Satan sense is tingling!
Emad is sculpted from solid beef
Oh emad yousofine!  Yousofine you blowmymind!  Hey emad! *clapclap* *clap* Hey emad!
bad bad bad
pork CEO of Texas
Emad is a big wheel down at the cracker factory
Emad is the church lady
Emad is panty inspector #35
Emad is anger for the digital age
Emad is just making his way the only way he knows how, but that's just a little bit 
        more than the law would allow
emad got busy
Emad is gettin' busy
Emad is Bert
drwiii is gay
Emad is an electric boogaloo
Emad is an organisation supported and led by employers who have reaped the benefits of 
        employing people with a disability. We promote and support businesses that encourage 
        people with a disability as employees, customers and suppliers.
Emad is an attempt to provide e-mail address information for those Kansas librarians 
        lucky enough to have an e-mail account.
Emad is a shifty eyed, black haired guy. Strange thing is you never hear his footsteps.
...or not?
You flunk!
Youse guys wanna play stickball?
Emad is el trollo loco
... Foxy Extra
Emad is the SLIM shady
Emad is Octal's faculty advisor.
Emad is ambassador to Fantasy Island
Emad is a buccaneer-american
Emad is Pepsiman.
Emad is the gangster of love
Emad is captain numlock
emad doesn't care about anything.  He's a nihilist.
what is a troll
Emad is Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Emad is kung fu fighting
o/~ here comes a special boy o/~
Live... Love... Laugh.
<emad> man, we filled him up with so much crap!
Emad is so not the shiznat
Emad is going intergalactic
Emad is that thing under you when you start the game. 
emad carries a wand of trolling and has swallowed the ring of hilarity
Emad is gollum's brother
Emad is a dream operator
Emad is not part of the solution
Emad is a Texan Trollsnake.
Emad is karma for <
Libyan singer-songwriter Emad tells stories with his oud.
Emad is a superstar in France
Emad is eleven feet tall, and he speaks Navajo.
He is trapped! Get him out!
Emad is Pope Hilarius II
He is trapped, but powerful!
Emad is a disco love machine
Emad is going straight to the top
Emad is on the caboose
<reply>have you got two tens for a five?
Cybernetic Emad in mindjail!
Emad is the lyrical gangsta
buck buck buck biquak
Emad is ascii without the C
Emad is Professor Emeritus at Eurotrash Slacker University
Emad is a big fan of the United Kingdom and its people.
Emad is trapped in Syria!  GET HIM OUT!!!!
Emad is a syrian street urchin
emad killed a man in reno just to watch him die
Emad once trolled a man in Reno, just to watch him cry.
Emad is as emad does.
Emad is kevin k-line
Emad is Duncan Oklahoma
Emad is Duncan South Dakota
Emad is the red-and-white rotating behavior-modification panda
Emad is the most beautiful bogeyman
Emad is pontifex trollanus
emad rides the reefers
emad does his part to help the planet by carving "SAVE THE WHALES!" into old-growth redwoods.
Emad is head of the hobo mafia
Emad is Executive Producer Extraordinaire
Emad is An Emad Committee Production
Emad can eat glass.  It doesn't hurt him.
Emad is a blagebrity
Emad is Externally Mounted Adjustable Damping
Emad is eating jesus.
Emad is a cylon terrorist
Emad is a sultry sultana
Emad is Bob Loblaw
Emad is Mr. F
Emad is for british eyes only
Emad is a performance artist
Emad is the goat
Emad is too legit to acquit!
Emad is not ready for the enterprise
Emad is Nicholas Cage
Emad is kablamo, and vice versa
Emad is the Ill of Islington
Emad is 35% weirder than Dumont
Emad is a dissipated loafer
Emad is electronically mad
Emad is in a space station, polishing a ray gun
Emad is <action>guffobs
Emad is the mighty morpheme power trolla
Emad is a white-collar hamburglar
Emad is a doctor of pomposity
Emad is dict-thirsty
Emad is the honest smuggler
Baron von Bullshit rides again! 
"I wrote a hit play!"
emad@blarpy:~ dict lard
Emad is the B squad leader
Emad is a nayseed
Emad is a hay-sayer
he plays the violin and sleeps inside a fridge
Emad is mr. manager
Emad is a streetwise psychobilly
Emad is an erlanger
Emad is charlie meadows
Emad is karl mundt
Emad is at http://zork.net/~nick/pix/blorpy.png
Emad is pewa emad
Emad is Leroy the Cabal Guy
Emad is bad, bad Leroy Moskowitz.
Emad is the creator of Love Potion #8.9.2rc4
Emad is Dolphin Lundgren
Emad is a slipper limpet
Doctor Eggman, I presume.
Emad is one of those activist judges
Emad is a turnip
Emad is Sketchy Galore
Emad is an undercover reporter with dateline
Emad is a community-respected entity
Emad is tom o'shan'ter
Emad is tam o'shatner
Emad is turning all our children into hooligans and whores
Emad is burrowing like a weevil under tender christian skin
Emad is the pope of nope
Emad is applied to the eyes
soaky in the pooper, standing in a stupor by the tank... better call the super...
Emad is hooked up to a chocolate I.V.
only the users may know, $who
Emad is the finger moustache bandit
Emad is the real Hubertus Bigend
Emad is the hiphopopotamus
Emad is the impractical joker
Emad is unable to escape the relentless ticking of his biological nick-changing clock.
Emad is Gene Parmesan
<emad> every time you state your case, the more i want to punch your face
Emad is one of those hop-ons you hear so much about
Things you will never hear Emad say, #73: "Say goodbye, $who... And say goodbye to these!"
Emad is a stickball wizard
Emad is Hanus Wagner
Emad is a troll in a teacup
Emad is in the pantry, eating sealed bags of hummus.
Emad is praguematic
Emad is the composer of Dueling Ouds
Emad is into tOtAlLy RaDiCaL Islam
Emad is a neo-ignoramus
Emad is Count Bleck
Smithers!  Release the clowns!
Anyone wanna buy a couple tons of mixed barley/scrap metal?
He is trapped in the dryer (with a sexy girl)!
emad never trolled a man that did not need trolling.
Emad is non compos mantis
Emad is the former Berkeley honey-slathering kingpin
Emad is a shill for Big Banana
Emad is a veritable whirling sphere of ham
Emad is a senseless fop
Emad is the son of a poor millstone
Rockis out with your Dukakis out!
Emad is crazany!
Emad is just a PO-lice
Emad is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meat_slurry
Emad is the official collected New York Times errata, June 1973 to May 1975
Emad is Jumpin' Jack Ficklestein.
Emad is propitious josiah
Emad is the count of monty crisco
I took it in the face and blogged as hard as I could.
Emad is a pretty cool guy, eh trolls OH GOD! YOU SHOT ME!  WHAT THE HELL, 
Emad is sitting crosslegged and morose at the bottom of the uncanny valley.
Emad is Pat Shanks B.A.
Emad is wearing a daring strapless pantsuit
emad died from a self-inflicted hail of gunfire lasting several minutes.
Emad is Ida Idaho, B-list superstar.
Emad is Marty Funkhauser
Emad is good people. like, a whole goddamned committee
Emad is putting the "hack" in "hackneyed"
Emad is author of the classic poem "casey ate the bat"
Emad is clammy mcshirty
Emad is here to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and he's all out of ass.
Have you guys noticed $who is racist?
Emad is at http://www.goer.org/HTML/examples/htmlhorror1.html
Bros before woes.
or as the French call him, l'Emaddeur
Emad is a pledged delegate for the Hamburgular
Emad is Jacques Tits
Hey, it's music sensations Emad and his Emads with their hit single Mindjail (Get Me Out)
Emad is in favor of privatizing the highway to the danger zone
Emad is one of the cowboys from purgatory
Emad is best viewed with netscape navigator gold 2.0, mac os 7.5, 800x600 resolution, 
        14.4k modem, and blink tags disabled.
<emad> I told u I was lardcore
Emad is stuffing his kite
Emad is a Glenroe fan
Emad is the piano playa hata
Emad is Herbal Kint, the gent with the hemp
Emad is one of those goddamned snakers