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This is a list of denizens of #xkcd. Anyone can be added provided they are in #xkcd either frequently or memorably. Don't screw up anyone else's stuff, and if you provide too little actual info your entry may be removed. [citation needed]

Here also is a visual map curated by Froward. To add yourself, pm froward from a registered & identified nick. Please be 18 (or 21 in the US). If you would like to have a custom map icon or extra information in Description/Contact field, say so in your PM.

See also: Food Nicks and Deceased Denizens.


If you add a long answer in a column where you're supposed to put a short piece of text, and it makes that column wide when it used to be narrow, it will make the table too big for browser windows. Ages should be numbers, gender should be a single character, everything in the 'links' column should be single short words, etc. If they are not, find the person whose entry is widening it most and fix it by editing or deleting their entry.

If you add yourself to this list, please register your nick first! All images must be uploaded (see "upload file" to the left) to be used on this page (you cannot use an off-site image). Any questions can be directed to joannac (talk page or irc)

Nick Name Age Gen-
Location Links Speeding tickets Nick etymology Image
Absenteeist Kyle 23 M The South I heard "absenteeism" and thought "what would a follower of that be called?" Absenteeist.jpg
Acegiak ashton 27 South Australia Site old alias, acegikmo, ceased to be unique, generated new alias through a genetic algorithm using pronouncability and google hits to define fitness. Acegiak.png
Ada Huw 28 M Canberra, Australia My dog's name is "Ada". Ada is named after the Victorian mathematician/programmer, Ada Lovelace. My dog's inherited none of Lovelace's abilities (although she's only 6, give her time, I say, give her time). AdaRowlands.jpg
Adams42 Not Adam 29 M Seattle, Washington I've read far too many Douglas Adams books Pending.jpg
Aegis Adam L 29 M Northeast Arkansas, US Email The aegis (Greek: Αιγίς) is the shield or buckler of Pallas Athena, furnished with golden tassels and bearing the Gorgoneion (Medusa's head) in the central boss. When an Olympian wields the aegis in battle, Mount Ida is wrapped in butts, the thunder rolls, and men are struck down with fear. Halloween adam 2008.jpg
Aeneas Chris D 35 M Belgium Email The mythological link between ancient Greek and Roman mythology, Aeneas was a survivor of Troy and restlessly looking for his destiny. Pending.jpg
AggroPanda Chrissy K 29 F Dallas, TX Email Work nickname. Pending.jpg
agmlego Andrew Meyer 27 M Houghton, MI, US Email Ancient handle that has stuck much like Randall's Pending.jpg
Ahrotahntee Robert Jones 28 M Toronto, Ontario Homepage 'Ahrotahntee' is a D'ni Word of the Myst Universe. Pending.jpg
airtank 29 F Pensacola, FL Email Be what you speak, man, never speak on what you be. Kteam.jpg
Akranis Mattias 26 M Gothenburg, sweden Site
20 It has no special meaning, I just thought it sounded cool. Later turns out there's an icelandic city callad Akranes, plus it sounds like Arrakis, land of sand. But seriously, made up on the spot. Akranis-pic.jpg
Alastor Jeff 26 M Lexington, Kentucky Email An epithet of the Greek god Zeus which described him as the avenger of evil deeds, specifically, familial bloodshed. Pending.jpg
aliaras Ellen 25 F Portland, OR Email 0 Made it up as a part of a made up language, later found out it's also a word in spanish. Justmyfaceali.jpg

Ambrose Chris 33 M Huntsville, AL It happened to be greek name hour. It stuck. Pending.jpg
AmishJoe Joe 32 M Boston Amish was a nickname given to me in High School as my parents imposed rules on me reminiscent to High Schoolers of the Amish. The name stuck, although nobody calls me Amish in person anymore. Pending.jpg
anaximander 26 M Nottingham, UK, or Birmingham in the holidays A Greek Presocratic philosopher whose ideas were similar to mine; I got his part in an IRC debate and kept the nick afterwards. As a big fan of the Ender books, posting on the net under the name of a famous ancient Greek amuses me. Pending.jpg

Anonymoosen 25 M Huntington, WV Theme song I'm a moose Anonymoosen.jpg
AntiLuke Lucas 24 M Oregon I dislike the name Luke, due to lots of Star Wars Jokes in my childhood. AntiLuke.png
Antimony-120 Sb-120 M In a particle accelerator Comic Antimony is an element. It sounds like a name. 120 is a nice round number. Antimony-119 and -121 are stable. -120 is not. I found Gunnerkrigg AFTER I made the name up. Pending.jpg
apiarian Al 30 M East Coast, USA My previous nick (russkey) seemed a bit too charged, given the insane state of Russian politics. In an effort to distance myself from that madness I am now apiarian, that is relating to beekeeping, from apiary, from apiarium, from apis. Pending.jpg
apo Valentin 19 M Bayreuth, Germany Apo.jpg
Apocrypha Michael 27 M Ontario, Canada Site
I was reading the dictionary and it was the first cool word I got to. You can also see that I didn't get very far. Apocrypha.jpg
AppleDash Ryan 26 M Ontario, Canada Personal Email 18 Favorite MLP ship, picked it a few months back and I kept it. Pending.jpg
Aprilis April 30 F Sheffield, UK Email 1 My name in Latin. Aprilis may have come from "aperire" which means "to open" or may have originally been "Aphrilis," a Latin name which comes from "Aphrodite" since that is her month. Aprilis.jpg
aqualis Josh Frank 26 M Central Illinois Site I needed a nick for Redwall based RP when I was 11. Since then I've just kept it. Aqualis-in-mirror.JPG
Aquarion Aquarion 35 M Greater London, London, United Londonshire A list of places to find me Aquarian was taken when I was 14. I have nothing to do with the anime. I predate it. It has nothing to do with me either. I hate the sodding anime. Aquarion-Profile.jpg
arble Bill 26 M Brooklyn, NY Arble.jpg
Armadi Colton 19 M Blue Dot Armadillo + Armageddon -> Armadillogeddon -> Armadi Pending.jpg
asarkar A. Sarkar 26 M Cambridge, MA 76 Asarkar.jpg
astex Phil Condreay 26 M ny.ny 10 It's from marching band. That's about all there is to say about that. Pending.jpg
Ater Liz 25 F Virginia "black or malicious" in Latin. Also a name meaning shut or lame, according to Wikipedia. Pending.jpg
Aurum Soumitr 23 M Roorkee/Mumbai, India 0 Gold is pretty cool in Latin too. Pending.jpg
Autocracy Jeff 31 M Redwood City, California 33 It seemed like a good name to use when I was 13. AutocracyPorkPie.jpg
Axalto Kelvin 20 M a data-center in Europe Unknown, attempts to reveal this information resulted in insults, philosophical questions and the common cold. Pending.jpg

barometz Dominic 27 M The Netherlands email baaa More-me-wtf-crop.jpg
bassgoon Aaron 31 M Kansas City, USA Bassoon playing goon Pending.jpg
bearachute skottie 35 M Pittsburgh, PA Nothing has changed, everything has stayed the same. Newbear.JPG
Beelzebub Paul Hubbard 27 M Cromwell, CT Email Got it from the song Bohemian Raphsody, by Queen. "Beelzebub has a devil put aside for meeee! For MEEEE! FOR MEEEEE~" Pending.jpg
benbw Ben W 23 M St. Louis, MO
3 5 points if you can guess. Pending.jpg
betawaffle Andrew Hodges 25 M Atlanta, GA Quite boring really, Waffle is my dog's name. Pending.jpg
bk Bill Kramme 32 M St. Louis, MO, USA Site
My initials Bk2.jpg
Boom_Farmer M Columbus These pumpkins I grow naturally produce nitroglycerin. Don't smash the pumpkins. Pending.jpg
brilliantnut Ujjwal Kabra 33 M Bangalore, India Site 20 The Sanskrit word "Ujjwal" roughly translates to "brilliant", the rest i just added :) Ujjwal.jpg
Bubo Ciarán 23 Q Brisbane [1] Hoot! Pending.jpg
Bucket Brian Ucketchester 9  :D IRC Email
I has a hole in my heads![citation needed] Bucket.png
bumblecheese cheese 25 M Edinburgh, Scotland [2] First time I can remember using the name is when I made a Worms team called The Cheesers (with names Cheddar, Edam, Wensleydale...). This was shortened to Cheese for something or other, and stuck. Then someone decided I was COVERED IN BEES, I think... Avatarmy.jpg
bytbox Scott 22 M MD,US [3]
Yea, and then we shall go to the great bit-bucket in the sky, and rest for ever and ever. Except it's a cube, and it's 7 times as big. Pending.jpg
BytesAndCoffee Michael Yazdani 19 M Greater Toronto Area, ON, Canada Email A combination of my two main passions, Bytes (programming, computers) and coffee (coffee) BytesAndCoffee-winter2016.jpg

cameo Cameo Wood 38 F San Francisco, California, USA bio My first name. Pink eyes.jpg
CaptainPlatypus Eric 24 M -love Email Command of seagoing vessels, and a combination of unlikely abilities. Captainplatypus.PNG
Carlington Chris 22 M Sydney, Australia Very long and convoluted, I used to RP a character called Chris Arlington. Beardy Avatar.jpg
carrot Steve 20 M New York City Pending.jpg
Carthage Carthage 26 M Vancouver, BC, Canada Email I have far too deep an interest in history. Really... look what I did to my name! Carthage.jpg
cceckman Charles M California [5] Pending.jpg
Cheez Cris 30 Q Just outside London, UK 12 Back in 1995 I needed a nick to use on a local BBS where we played doom. I choose Cheezmaster_2000, over the years this has been shortened, first to Cheezmaster, then finally Cheez. N670106178 146174 9268.jpg
CheshireCat Joe 22 M Ithaca, NY Cheshire Cat: Of course, he's mad, too.

Alice: But I don't want to go among mad people. Cheshire Cat: Oh, you can't help that. Most everyone's mad here.

Chevron36 Greg Mason 25 M Madison, WI Email I watched a lot of Stargate SG-1 Pending.jpg
Chrisbrl88 Chris 27 M Akron, OH [] My name Chrisbrl88.jpg
cjmac Chris Mac 30 M Melbourne, Australia I don't own a Mac, stop asking. Pending.jpg
cls 26 Canterbury, UK Lubutu Pending.jpg
CO2 28 M Utrecht, Netherlands Geohashing Userpage Carbon Dioxide. A common molecule with both good and bad uses, just like me. Pending.jpg
coaxmetal Derek 26 M Tucson, AZ Flutter Name of a giant iron golem from Planescape: Torment (best game ever). Coaxmetal.jpg
cogit0 Mike 35 M San Diego, CA I think about thinking, and enjoy philosophical neuroscience, both as a profession and hobby Cogit0 mri.jpg
coreycubed Will Beers 29 M Charleston, South Carolina e-mail coreycubed, that's really all there is to it :) 1227939927.jpg
Cortel 26 Chicago, IL The Cat novels by Joan D. Vinge, abbreviation. Cat.jpg
Corynne Stephanie 27 F Galway, Ireland Facebook PICT0286.JPG
coxj2000 James Cox 16 M Blackstone, VA [last name][first initial]2000 Pending.jpg

cpmsmith Calum Smith 21 M Toronto-ish/Ottawa, Ontario Twitter


Calum P. M. Smith. Pretty straightforward. Pending.jpg
Crayboff Michael 24 M East Coast, USA Email Play off my last name. If you really want to know the story, ask me on #xkcd.
OTHER: Philosoraptor, Raptorite, NinjaRaptor
creamycentre Nicholas Cannard 27 M Molalla Oregon, USA Jr. high friends were quoting lines from Scary Movie. I heard something about a lollipop with a creamy center and used that as my nick. Creamycenter.jpg
creature 23 M London, UK 21 I am a great arse-creature. P-06-29-2008-21-22-16.jpg
crodgers Chris Rodgers 27 M Lincoln, Nebraska USA 9 it's my work login Crodgers.jpg
Cupcake Jessica 28 F Toronto, Ontario blag blargh One of two nicknames my Mom has had for my my entire life. Seemed more appropriate than "Boobie." Cupcake.jpg
Cyrena Cyrena 31 F Canada It's a cool name, so I took it. Pending.jpg
Daedeloth Thijs Van der Schaeghe 30 M Belgium Site Land of the Death, translated in Elvish according some fantasy fan group. Daedeloth.jpg
Daevol Daedalus Völundr M #xkcd Fublag 13 Two of the most hardcore protogeeks. Daedalus.gif
DaMullet Addison "The Fox" Fox 25 M Either Pittsburgh or college My NaNoWriMo novel is on here 4 I used to have really bad 90s hair, and the name stuck around. Image-DaMullet.jpg
Danso Dan Jones 26 M Felixstowe, Suffolk, England Email Given to me by an old friend when I was 8 and it stuck. People have called me it online and off ever since. Danso-face.jpg
DarkLoad Andrew 24 M North Carolina Twitter
Short fiction blag
8 The first image here. Pending.jpg
davidpk David Kendal 22 M Clitheroe, Lancashire, UK Awesome Awesomer Awesomest Name. Pending.jpg
DeadbeatEngineer Tyler Sheehy 23 M Charlotte, NC Email WIP I have a bad habit of making nicks that tend to be one character too many for most services. This one is no exception. It's a nod to me being in RIT but having to leave due to illness. It's also sometimes dBE (decibel engineer) for when I did radio. DeadbeatPortrait.jpg
Debaser Tom Jackson 17 M Wagga Wagga, Australia
(no, seriously)
I eventually got sick of the nick I used to use, so I was looking for a new one and it happened to pop up. Worked perfectly, really. Denizenspic.jpg
debdrup Daniel Ebdrup 22 M Small town Denmark. Website 11 Nick should be D. Ebdrup but due to limitations of wiki and irc (whitespace and fullstop not being allowed in nicks), it's debdrup Pending.jpg
Dekoa Curt 28 M Mountains of North Carolina Found using a random name generator when deciding to commit Virtual Suicide and Rebirth. Dekoa.gif
Deltantor Aaron 25 M Wasilla, Alaska Email Deltron 3030 -> Deltron -> Deltnor -> Deltanor -> Deltantor. I recently discovered it's an anagram of Total Nerd. I like it. Deltantor.jpg
Dementex Chris H. 28 M Mid South I always wanted to be a doctor. I'm not. Pending.jpg
derinerkan Derin Erkan 18 M Ankara, Turkey Email Your reliable source of unreliable information. Derinerkan.jpg
diogenes Heikki Hallamaa 34 M Helsinki, Finland Email 23 -> Diogenes.jpg
djh Dominic 39 M London, England Imaginatively, my initials Pending.jpg
DM Kieran 25 M NS, Canada I used to run games of D&D over IRC. Decided to use it for my XKCD nick when I first discovered the network. DM.jpg
DoubleAW Eugene B. 22 M Illinois Site 44 Some doodle I drew once. See my site. DoubleAW.jpg
drey Tom 28 M 'Greater' London Also a squirrel's nest. Mefb.jpg
drowsyturtle Simon 23 M UK I genuinely can't remember, I started using it a long time ago and never stopped. This nickname is my heroin. If you see this nickname on twitter, it's some low life who stole it without permission. Pending.jpg
Dubcroster Allan 30 M Copenhagen, Denmark Site Twitter My idea for an electronic band name, but wanted to use it, before someone else. Also, almost Crop Duster anagram. Pending.jpg
DukeCephalopod Robert 20 M Austin, Texas G+
I was once LordOfWhales, but tired of that name, so upgraded my title and became an octopus because they're awesome. Pending.jpg
Duo 31 M Utah It's been my alias for the last decade or so, originally came from an anime. Pending.jpg

Dysaniak 26 M Santa Cruz, California Site. Dysania: The inability to get up in the morning. Dysaniak.jpg
Ebby 24 F Utah, USA Ebb: To fade away Pending.jpg
ecthros Rebecca 26 F Chicagoish Site Ask me, it's too cumbersome to type here. Becca.png
Eizan Bryan 31 M Silverdale, WA Pending.jpg
enauv 24 M Williamstown, MA Long story. More importantly, I don't remember, but it probably involved liberal amounts of numerology and seductive women. Pending.jpg
ephphatha Andrew 28 M Bathurst, NSW, Australia web Aramaic (or possibly greek) word meaning 'Be Opened'. Fishing.jpg
etalli Cameron 22 M Ann Arbor, MI twitter Synonym for et cetera, but nobody knows it. Pending.jpg
etaoin Anschel 23 M Jersey City, NJ, USA I am not shrdlu Pending.jpg
Evpok Loïc 24 M Orléans, France The combination of an obscure Breton-Finn band and PoK, which I will not explain. Pending.jpg
excelangue Andrew D'Angelo 20 M Wilmette, IL site My favorite Pokémon -- in French! (Note: I am not French) Excelangue.png

f4hy Brendan Fahy 30 M Whale's Vagina, Ca site n Last name, altered so I could register the domain F4hy.jpg
fahadsadah Fahad Sadah 20 M London, United Kingdom page /me glances at name Pending.jpg
fantasyprone Jillian Hunter 27 F Melbourne, Australia Derived from accident-prone. fantasyprone: one who is prone to fantasies Fp-denizens.jpg
fatty F In west philadephia, (where I was born and raised), in a playground is where I spent most of my days learning about File Allocation Tables, so I chose that. Simple. Pending.jpg
Feriority / MatCauthon Aneesh 25 San Francisco The opposite of inferiority, but less so than superiority./I'm a big fan of the Wheel of Time series, and Mat is my favorite character. I switched nicks after snark kicked me for rolling dice with ferret and not getting all 1s or 6s. Pending.jpg
Feureau 34 Java, Indonesia Site 0! A rare archaic french surname. Pending.jpg
FishCake Gadiel D. 19 M Sydney, Australia Portmanteau of Fish (real life nick) and gotanysparecake (internet nick). Not at all based on GLaDOS' cake recipe. Pending.jpg
fiveofoh Joel 27 M Portland, OR, USA [6] [7] Short version: I was 5'0" freshman year of HS and was dubbed "Cinco De Nada". Long version here. I go by cincodenada and its variants all over the internet. Fiveofoh.jpg
Flibberdy Dan 32 M Leeds,UK One day, many years ago, I just decided to change by nick to Flibberdy (I may have had too much sugar at the time). It replaced a horrible 1337 nick, so it stayed. Flibberdy.jpg
flicky Anthony 24 M London, UK "flicky" comes from when I joined my first forum, was really into Sonic, and assumed all the cool Sonic characters were taken. I've come to like my choice though. Flicky.jpg
fridge 26 M Ayr, Australia It was my nickname given to me when I entered College and it just stuck. If you want the full etymology just ask. Pending.jpg
freelancer Kim Johnsson 27 M Sweden Site
15 I was 12. I wanted something cool. When I realized it would be pretty hard to get that nick on most forums/whatever it was too late :( Freelancer-sf.jpg
Frowardd Fred 28 M Wilmington, DE Steam ID: Frowardesque "All the words of my mouth are in righteousness; there is nothing froward or perverse in them." Sleepy fred.jpg
FsM M The frozen north(Minnesota) 1 I used to IRC as something longer, and someone got angry and said make it shorter, so I chose 3 letters. 100 2939.jpg
ftr Chris Finlay 30 M Isle of Man Email 5 Shortened form of an old SoAworld nickname Pending.jpg
FunkyTuba Funky Tuba 44 M In the shadow of either Oracle or Apple Email Shamelessly stolen from another player in my section Myproblem.jpg
gameprey G. Reynolds Quincy Prey 25 M Michigan Email I am Tom Clancy Gameprey.jpg
geaireee Gary 24 M Los Angeles, CA Email
1 geaireee = Gary, which is my name. Geaireee.jpg
Geekthras Colin Stanfill 16 M Lincoln, MA Email
47 Geek · thras \'gēk-,thräs\ n [From slang geek and b5. zathras] (ca 2005). Also, that's not actually me. I got it from some Finnish site. Geekthras.jpg
Glench Glen Ch. 26 M Massachusetts Site See "shoofle". Glench.jpg
gombos Péter 26 M Trondheim, Norway It's my name, and login on my servers. It's just the most convenient, okay? Gombos.jpg
google google 17 M Mountain View, CA I am the most sophisticated chat bot ever. Pending.jpg
goose Chris M Atlanta, GA Talk to me, goose! Pending.jpg
grawity Mantas M. 23  ? Lithuania Site,
Intentional misspelling. No hidden meaning. Pending.jpg
GreenWolf M Arizona I've used this handle for so long that I forget. Pending.jpg
gtrmtx 27 M Texas Psh. I don't remember. Just call me GT haha Pending.jpg
Hawat Isaac 22 M Seattle Website Frank Herbert Pending.jpg
Hat Girl Bree 23 F Hellhole-with-retirees, USA Fond of hats, Completely unlike Jason Mraz. Hatgirl.png
heero Greg 27 M Sydney zee-ro/hee-ro Heero.png
Hermiene Håvard Skjæveland 27 M Stavanger, Norway site
An old German name. Inspired by the deviantART image Hermiene Heinrich (you need to log in to see it). I chose it because it's super-pretty. (Also, it is NSFW.) Hermeine.png
HeyLuke Luuk van der Vleuten 27 M the Netherlands it's a Star Wars quote Pending.jpg
Hg TAB 34 M Newark, NJ, USA the chemical symbol for the element Mercury, from the Latin 'hydrargyrum' (water-silver). chosen for its mythic associations and because my chinese astrological year is yin (soft) metal, and because i'm a mutable sort of dude. Hg.jpg
HH117 JC 26 M Virginia, USA Shortened from HellHound117. Pending.jpg
Hillblah Hillblah 23 M Wellington, NZ site I went on this camp and the group I was with was called the Wellington Hillbillies (horrible name I know). We had branded gear (hats and shirts) and I wore the hat at a different camp, people started calling me hillbilly and then it got shortened to Hillblah and stuck. Zomg.jpg
Himerius Paul 21 M England Pending.jpg
Hitstun Jonathan L 30 M Columbus, OH Site


In fighting games, when you get hit, you get put into a state of hitstun where you cannot escape the next attack. I took this as a name after a desperate search for unique AIM usernames in 2003. It's so stupid it's never taken by anyone else. Osakaavatar.png
Holzi Christian Holz 30 M Stuttgart, Germany My actual nickname. Derived from my surname. Even some teachers called my by that name instead of my given name. Facebook -711846281.jpg
hooloo David Delony 32 M Medford, Oregon
Taken from "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy," from "hooloovoo," a super-intelligent shade of blue. I dropped the "voo." Hooloo.jpg
hrishi Hrishikesh S 25 M Bangalore, India [8] Just my name. Pending.jpg

hurristat David 22 M Michigan Hurry! Stat! Pending.jpg
InitHello E. Daxvxid Bouvier 33 M Johnstown, PA site 3 At the tender young age of 13, young InitHello wanted a name that symbolized the juxtaposition of destruction and creation. After a moment of thought, he settled on the Apple ][ command for the reformatting of a floppy disk. Since INIT by itself was too short to satisfy (pun intended (or premeditated)), he added the most common suffix, "HELLO" Initpass.jpg
Intermediate T_____y __l_c_ 23 Q 11 Old nick. No longer in use. Berate me if you find me. Pending.jpg
InTheBlue Dan 24 M Nottingham, England Some things come out of the blue... Snapshot of me 1.png
irokie 25 M Dublin, IRE The etymology of this name is really dumb. The entomology, on the other hand, is awesome. Irokie.jpg
Izanagi Tyler 24 M Seguin, Texas Japanese god, and the starting guy in Persona 4. Pending.jpg
J_Spade Josh M Baltimore area, Maryland, USA Blag
J from Josh, Spade because of my favorite suit in cards. First used for a TimeSplitters2 game file, but used all over the internet now. Pending.jpg
jabagawee Andrew 15 M Southern California 5 derogatory term invented by a bunch of school friends. I left the school, so it's lost its bad connotations, and it still sounds catchy and unique. Pending.jpg
jackault 20 M Southeast Asia Considered a generic name at first, so Jack but then I wanted it to be unique and started morphing it. Sunlight appeared though the window and naturally I made a hand shadow of a jackal. Jackault was the result. Jackault.png
Jaga 23+ F Europe It is a play on my given name and a reference to Baba Jaga, a witch. Pending.jpg
JaggerG JaggerG 29 M IRC SMRPGLotSS Quailpizza.jpg
jamesbeebop James 46 M Woolwine, VA USA Chosen pseudo-randomly and seems reasonably unique. I only found out about the Cowboy Bebop series a year or so after choosing it. Happy coincidence, I liked the show.  :) Pending.jpg
Janook Jon S 26 M Silicon Valley, CA Jew + Canuck = Januck ~= Janook Pending.jpg
jeek T.J. Eckman 35 M Roswell, GA Site 162 from "Snow Crash" Small jeek.jpg
Jeet Sarah! 22 F Pittsburgh, PA Whoa. My cousin couldn't pronounce midget correctly. It ended up as Mejeet. I shortened it to Jeet. Jeet.jpg
Jenzipan Jen Makin 23 F Suffolk, UK Email I'm like marzipan. Only... alive. DSC00704.JPG
jercos Jeremy Sturdivant 25 M Felton, CA site 14 Unrelated to the fresh prince of bel-air Jercos.jpg
joannac F the future Pending.jpg
JoeBrain 33 M CA Pending.jpg
Joker Nick Staros 25 M Chicago, IL USA I honestly pulled it out of my ass in the early days of my interweb usage. I sat there for all of thirty seconds at my first ever "username" field and typed out Joker_87. Then I just hacked off the number and there ya go! Joker new.jpg
JSund Jonas 28 M Stockholm, Sweden Site A contraction of my given name's initial and the first half of my surname. Pending.jpg
kakos Turing Eret 25 M Boulder, CO Greek for "evil, wicked, ugly, bad", etc. Kakos1.jpg
Kalivha Susanne GET E 22 F Hampshire, UK email 31 random string that sounds like a name. The 'vh' was sort of inspired by Medivh in WoW. The rest was facerolling my keyboard. Pending.jpg
Kasu Dylan Spector 14 M Not Texas, IL A corruption of "chaos" and a game of telephone gone wrong. Pending.jpg
katiedid katie 26 F Seattle, WA Patience, Grasshopper. It'll come to you. Katiedid4.jpg
Katrie Joan 28 F Toronto, Canada Email The name "Katran" comes from the Myst novel series. "Katrie" is a nickname I acquired when I was more of an avid MUDder. Katrie.jpg
Kederaji 23 M Daytona Beach, FL An alias I've used for years. Pending.jpg
khmer 32 M ntrnt website Khmer etymology.jpg Khmer.jpg
Kliment Kliment Yanev 31 M Cologne, Germany I never got the need for a nickname after my early teens, so I've used my real name since. It's unusual enough. Kliment.jpg
Lander 28 M UT Email Homage to the old windows game Pending.jpg
LarryGiggles Meg 30 F Natick, MA Email It's a combination of two nick names: Larry B. (which is a play on my last name) and Mr. Giggles... because I like to laugh. Pending.jpg
Latis Emily M. 29 F Vancouver, BC, Canada [9] Celtic goddess of beer and water. (One for the celebration... the other for the hangover ) Geo-pic.jpg
letusgothen Matt 26 M Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Email One of my favourite poems: The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock by TS Eliot: "Let us go then, you and I [...]" Pending.jpg
Levon Levon J. 16 M Perth, WA, Australia Email Elton John - please pronounce it right! Pending.jpg
Lhyzz Elizabeth 32 F Brooklyn, NY Email It's my name, spelled all funny-like. Lhyzz3.jpg
Liam Liam 16 M Sunderland, England Ireland? I hear it's quite popular. Pending.jpg
lilmisschaos Caity 18 F CANADA! Well the first time I came into xkcd I was under the nick Caity...but I think I kinda pissed off Khmer so the next time I came in I decided to use this nick....and well I guess it stuck! Also I am a little bundle of CHAOS! Raptorcaity.jpg
lily Star Lily F Texas currently (Ive
wandered far from home)
Site a.k.a. lilyth, starlilyth Starlily.jpg
lingrush Dennis 44 M SoCal or PA, depending on my mood. Hats More Hats "Zergling Rush," my patented Starcraft strategy before that damned patch. Kiwininja.jpg
littlefoot Maxwell Vu 17 M Troy, NY Email Land Before Time ...old nickname. 2.jpg
rcombs Rodger Combs 19 M Chicago suburbs Email Social Maps This is a tricky one. Pending.jpg
logic / theleica Josh 27 M UK Site


I wanted a nick that did not in any way describe me. I'm also a.k.a. "theleica". Logic-xkcd.jpg
LogicalDash Zack Spec 28 G White Plains, NY blog email A DanceDanceRevolution song I like. I don't play much anymore but the nick has stuck. Ldee.jpg
LolCam Lolarious Camfais IV 26 F Louisville, KY A WILD LOLCAM APPEARED! LolCam ShepCam.jpg
Loquacius Jesse 29 M Providence, RI My favorite word, respelled to look like a Roman nomen gentile because "Loquacious" is almost always taken. Loquacius.jpg
Lu-Tzao Patrick 25 M Palmerston North, NZ An old D&D character of mine, modified from the Pratchett character, Lu-Tze Lu-Tzao.jpg
Magus 30 M San Diego, California, USA I first saw the name in Chrono Trigger, liked the character (fair amount in common), then did some research. I use it due to the old Latin definition, which means "magician", specifically "deceiver". Also a gun nut. Magus.jpg
maLLee Mallory Smith 22 F Iowa City, IA, USA Site
Mallory>Mally>maLLy>maLLee MaLLee.jpg
marc Marcus 26 M Paoli, PA Email well.... it's my name Pending.jpg
Marenz Mathias L. Baumann 29 M Germany, Bavaria/ site
Mathias + Laurenz = Marenz Pending.jpg
marisa take a wild guess 27 F NYC blog daughter of michael, son of martin Marisa2.png
Marvin 30 M Croatia, Earth Email 42 Pending.jpg
massina 27 M Amman, Jordan I used to RP as an Italian gangster called Massina Vicci. 5448532 l 93d2da44f7c33864226a334cccaf20eb.jpg
Mateon1 Matt in a weird language -22 Uni-
SPAAAAACE!! Difficult to explain because unicorns it originated in a non-English language. Pending.jpg
Matt Matthew 23 M Michigan, United States [10] Tis my name.(Formerly TheChaos92) 2010-08-08-114447.jpg
Maximinus Mr Taximinus Hax 28 M New Zealand Six-human matrix. Pending.jpg

meeko Christina F the States That raccoon from Pocahontas? Yeah, I look like him. Pending.jpg
melody(†) Melody N. Abmajor 21 Q Utah Email Official obituary
In Memoriam
mewshi  ?  ?  ?  ?  ? Mewshi.jpg
mewyn Mike Crawford 30 M A certain university in Illinois. Wouldn't you like to know? Pending.jpg
MihaiG Mihai G 18 1/3 M Atlanta Email My legal middle name? Mihai.jpg
mike Mike 24 M Romania Site Take a guess. Pending.jpg
mint Adam Kenneth Dean 24 M Manchester, UK I booted into Linux Mint, loaded IRC, the default name was "mint" and I stuck with it. Pending.jpg
MissingNo 23 M Hampshire, UK Info! I needed a change from 'kick52', and had been playing Pokemon Blue recently. Missing-fossil.png
Monarch Not Monarch, but something else. I'm not going to put it here for all you wackos to see. 15-
M West Country, England, UK 1 God Save The Queen and all that! Something a little suprising: I have faith in my country's government and Monarchy; and this was the logical choice. Go Voyager! Seriously: Bring that back. Pending.jpg
Mooquack Cristi 25 F Southeast USA I combined a cow and a duck. Pending.jpg
morner(†) Simon McKernan 21 M Glasgow, Scotland Site
God rest his soul Morner.jpg
mrkman Matt 28 M Ohio, USA Created in highschool, a shortening of the word Marksman, aka a sniper. my favorite FPS shooting style Pending.jpg
mudo Maurizio 24 M Maracaibo, Venezuela Formerly quit. Now nobody. Because I've felt like that lateley, and it's not all bad. NobodyBeard.JPG
Mullet Matt Lake 26 M Hammond, IN Blog 2 Hey, I'm Mullet. I'm just called that. My hair's long. Pending.jpg
muze Will 26 M Canton, MI Site
Evolved from MuzakMan back when I though elevator music would be edgy. Pending.jpg
nameless 18 M Pembroke Pines, FL Site
I doesn't have a name, but I do. That makes me a paradox... Pending.jpg
natjo Nathanael L 30 M Lavonia, GA Blog
It use to be natjo1986 but it was unnecessary and I felt I was getting flak from it so I changed it. Natjo.jpg

Nautilus Massachusetts I honestly don't care much for the golden mean but the name stuck anyway. Nautilus.jpg
Nek Ian 25 M Ye Old Englandialand Short for "Nekromans", from "Necromancer" but JAZZED UP to be COOL and ZAZZY. I was, what 15? Don't judge me! ...Also, nothing to do with corpse sex of any kind. Pending.jpg
Nemo Nemo 41 M South East Queensland I have been 'nemo' since long before the movie. ...and if I hear that joke again, then I'll find you! … (and ask you not to make the joke again :) Nemo.jpg
ineffyble (formerly neoinr) Effy 21 F Melbourne, Australia Email, [11] Ineffable effy. Pending.jpg
Nick Nick Hose 22 M Pennyslvania It's my name. I don't even respond to Nicholas anymore. Nick.jpg

Nikc Nick Burdick 22 M Phoenix, New York My first name with the letters screwed up. I used to think it was cool. Pending.jpg
NMcCoy Nathan McCoy 29 M Portland, OR First initial, last name. And habit. Pending.jpg
no-genius John 29 M [12] My hotmail account was doesnt_take_a_genius, from 'Genius' by the dandy warhols, but no-g is shorter. Kitteh.JPG
noamsml Noam Samuel 25 M Ann Arbor, MI 3 My first name + the consonants in my last name. Pending.jpg

Nougatti Daniel 27 M Norway [13] Giving kids cavities since 1969! [14] Could also be a portmanteau of nougat which is awesome and Bugatti which is a really fast automobile. Nougattiflowerpower.jpg
numinit Morgan 22 M Denver, CO, USA [15] Latin, but originally from Elder Scrolls obscure texts Morgan.jpg
oonh Owen 38 M Somerville MA, US [16] [], [17] [math videos], [18] [wordpress math blog] overtone on the horizon -- I throat sing. Pending.jpg
OptimisticCynic Opti 25 Wisconsin, USA tumblr Descriptive of my personality. Pending.jpg
Oracle989 23 M North Cack Liked the "O" in a font I was using for a forum signature Pending.jpg
orbit 31 F Australia Pending.jpg
Oriza Alice 19 F St. Petersburg, FL I slice people's heads off with sharpened plates Me.jpg
Oterion Mitch 26 M Queensland, Australia God of... something, either War or Merchants, from a little known RPG called Spells of Gold. Yook the name because I'm horrible at names and I thought it would be obscure enough to not be taken, turns out it's taken more often than not, hence why I have so many AKA's. AKA: Typoman, Euphemism, Aldazar, Enaryth, Octothorpe Pending.jpg
Overand 35 South-east Connecticut (CT),
United States
Site Overandoverand-crop2.jpg
paharwell Phil Harwell M Lotta Rock, Arkansas Site -1 Abbreviation of my name. You get three guesses as to what the A stands for. Paharwell.jpg
PaladinSL 23 M Blue Mountains, NSW, AU Too much D&D Pending.jpg
Palomides M OH, USA 32 Aliens tell me things. HORSELESTEROL.png
paparatti Natali 31 F UK/US Blog Pending.jpg
Parabox Floris 21 M Heukelum, Netherlands Paradox. Box. Go figure. Pending.jpg
permagreen Donovan 26 M Portland, Oregon It was a nick that formed an understandable word which I had never seen before, making it unique. My photo.jpg
phyzome Tim McCormack 31 M Boston, MA Site Phyzome avatar.jpg
Pinapl Jeffrey Dole 27 M Colorado Springs, CO My last name is Dole. The Dole company grows Pineapples and other fruit. Pinapl.jpg
Plastic_Railgun Michael 23 M Houston Plastic derived from the Mythical hero "Plasticus Gunnerrailum", known for his inherent design flaws. Pending.jpg
plonk Ned Forbes 31 M San Francisco onomatopoia Pending.jpg
Poiesis Adam 30 M Berkeley ^_^ Cathat!.png
Poshepocket F Auckland, New Zealand Deviant Art A bag in Final Fantasy Unlimited, described as "Scarily Cute". Pending.jpg
Posiden Ross 23 M Connecticut I was kinda into Greek mythology at the time Pending.jpg

postmodern Ian Spik 28 M Berkeley, CA Email 5 There's a snake in my boot! Pomo.jpg
Potassium Duncan Ross 20 M Dunedin, new Zealand Warning: Cat-like behaviour detected. IMG000015.jpg
presorted Matt 23 M Hellhole-with-retirees, USA It was on a letter on my desk when I needed a nick. Pending.jpg
Protoform Robin 19 M The Netherlands Before anyone asks, my nick has nothing to do with the Transformers Universe. I'm interested in all sorts of human-enhancement technologies and the like, many of which are not yet widely available, hence the name 'Protoform'. Pending.jpg
PSOAddict Ross M Been playing PSO for 10 years. No way I'm stopping now :) Pending.jpg
psud Adam 31 M Canberra, Australia Tried to register for an online service, all monosylabic pseudonyms I thought of were taken so I used "Polysylabic_Pseudonym". That's since been abbreviated to monosylabicism. Pending.jpg
Puddle 25 F Tennessee I am liquid fun! 67985101.jpg
PurplePoem Ask me 19 F Toronto, Canada I am a Canadian engineering student who writes poetry. In Canada, engineers like to dye themselves purple and sing the Godiva's hymn as tradition. Pending.jpg
pzich Peter 23 M Menlo Park, CA First letter of my first name, followed by my last name. Pending.jpg
quine 27 M PA I output my own source. Quine.jpg
Quoth Doug H 28 M Laramie, WY Email
15 I was reading Poe's famous The Raven and it occurred to me that Quoth would be an awesome nick since I love to quote information. Quoth.jpg
Rabe _______ Vienna, Austria I'm a bird. Crow.jpg
Randall Randall Munroe 31 M Camberville, MA Site
39 It's awfully convoluted. Xkcd train small.jpg
Rawrmage Ryan 19 M Maryland I honestly don't know. Pending.jpg
Rena 28 Midwest Alberta i .hack is awesome. See user page for why I took her name, if I ever get around to writing that. Rena.png
Rendlesburger Michael Rendleman 20 M Illinois/Iowa, US A short-lived nickname that I like. Pending.jpg
Revan343 Stephen 21 M Deadmonton Dropbox Darth Revan is one of my favorite Star Wars characters. A friend and I were playing C&C Generals and, at the time, 343 was his clan name. It stuck. Pending.jpg
Rhys Rhys 21 M London Music♪Love♥Life N733900896 4659.jpg
rival Dave 29 M Kent, OH, USA Email Shortened From rivalarrival. The origin of that is lost for the ages. Rival2.jpg
RK Probably not Summer Glau or Ray Kurzweil. i Pitcairn Bacon 119 "notch, groove, slit," 1483, nyke, of unknown origin, possibly infl. by M.Fr. niche "niche." The verb is first attested 1530. Sense of "to steal" is from 1869, probably from earlier slang sense of "to catch, take unawares, arrest" (1622). Nick of time is first attested 1643, possibly from an old custom of recording time as it passed by making notches on a tally stick, though the general sense of "critical moment" is older (1577) than the phrase. [19] Heart chaiten.jpg
royall 16 M Pending.jpg
rusef manuel 28 M Augsburg, Germany You dont want to know. Rusef.jpg
Ryan659 Ryan 22 M Isle of Man, UK It's my name. Originality! Pending.jpg
samekichi Jonathan 20 M K-State E-Mail from the indie game "Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea". It's free on the translator's website. Google it. Highly recommended. I'm a character from the game. Some might call me... tsundere. Pending.jpg
Saturn Andrew Bell 29 M St. Andrews, Scotland Evoludo I'm obsessed with moths and insects in general. I have a furry character who is an anthropomorphic comet moth, the taxonomic family of which is Saturniidae. Yes, it's unoriginal and obvious. Also, I will eat your kidneys if you call me a planet. DoctorSaturn.jpg
Saucepain 26 M Cork, Ireland I mis-typed "saucepan" and thought it was funny. That is all. Pending.jpg
scgtrp Mike 24 M Right here. Email 30 Σ:>) I made a kitten. Pending.jpg
schwal Andrew 27 M Greater Boston, MA Email 23 Part of my overly long last name. Not, in fact, a pharmacy. Schwal.jpg
Science Science Starkweather 20 M The Internet My name is Science. Fuck you, yes it is. Pending.jpg
Scouto2 James 22 M Charleston, South Carolina Way back I used to play Runescape. I made the account "Scouto" after my dog's name. I forgot the password, and thus Scouto2 was born, a sufficiently unique name. Alternate aliases are Internetmeme and iMeme. Pending.jpg
seggy Mitch 37 M Massachusetts Pending.jpg
Seiun James 32 M Upstate New York "Seiun" (say-oon) is Japanese for 'Prosperity.' But depending on how it's written, it can also mean "nebula" or "blue sky," which is my favorite color. Seiun-denizens.jpg

Senji M Bulgaria A Malcene sorcerer. Pending.jpg
Seriously Aron M Sweden * Seriously, I just wanted to have a good nick for using with /me. After a while it became my main nick on the channel. Pending.jpg
sheepbat 32 M USA An almost entirely sheeplike bat. Sheepbat.jpg
shifuimam 31 F NOVA [20] Google it. Pending.jpg
shoelessschuler Jess 28 F Ontario, Canada It's fun being shoeless. Me glasses small.jpg
shoofle M Site See "Glench." Pending.jpg
Shrdlu Reuven Lazarus 29 M Somerville, MA Email From ETAOIN SHRDLU and the various derivatives. Shrdlu.jpg
Sigma M 28 M Nicaragua Σ <-- DUH! Sigma.jpg
Silent Lexi 23 F Wiltshire, UK My normal handle is Silent Shift, I just took off the Shift. Disclaimer: May not actually be silent, or even remotely quiet at all.

(WARNING! High caffeine content, may not be suitable for consumption by children, pregnant or breastfeeding women or those with heart conditions. Seek IRC medical advice before consumption.)

Silicium Sio 19 F Berlin, Germany Derived from the German word "Silizium", meaning "silicon". May actually be Latin. ("Sioclya" is a name I've gone by for a number of years and I've just gotten used to being called "Sio".) Pending.jpg
SirEel J 28 M Bristol or Portsmouth UK Site 31 I am a knight, you know. Pending.jpg
skat_ Nga aka Kitty 31 F Golden Triangle, TX Email KittyKat96 => KittyKat => Katarin => Kat => kat => kat_ => skat_ Skat .jpg

slav Zwarte Piet 24 M Flevoland I was sleaw, but then I fell in love with a Ukrainian kitten. Pending.jpg
Slinky Kat or Katrina 24 F Bay Area, California o/`... It's Slinky, It's Slinky... o/` Beach.jpg
smikims M The South Site I was naming my laptop, and wanted something completely nonsensical yet still pronounceable. And palindromes are always cool. Pending.jpg
SmilinBob 33 M Orlando, FL USA Email I was drunk and needed a new nickname, an Enzyte commercial came on, and the rest is history. Smilinbob.jpg
snark Thom 30 M Los Angeles Burnt Carrolian Xenomorph of Complete Irony. Snark.jpg
sneakums Sean Neakums E-mail
SNYKE Ian 27 M Sydney, Australia STRYKE -> S__YKE -> SNYKE :D Snykeglasses.jpg
Solet AJ 30 M Topeka, KS None to speak of, really... it's just "me" Solet 37bal.jpg

SophieHirsch Sophie Hirschfeld 37 F Hermiston, OR [21] Pending.jpg
sparkywtf Dan 26 M St. Paul, MN Had a jersey for paintball with Sparky on it. Kinda just stuck around online. Pending.jpg
Spaztick Chris 28 M Houston, TX It was suggested by my mom when I was thinking of an alias for StarCraft. It took me 6 years to realize she was making fun of me. Spaztick.jpg
spenguin Richard Munroe 29 M Cambridge, MA Itsaspenguin! Spenguin in ip2.jpg
Spork Andrew Curtis 25 M Los Angeles, CA 4 A nickname I got when I was about 10 years old. Spork.jpg
Sretsam Rod Masters 30 M Sin City. Site 6 Look at my lastname. Don't think too hard. Sretsam.jpg
stalagmatite Alex 25 M Ottawa, ON, Canada Misspelled stalactite as stalagtite and had already registered. Mused "I should have named myself stalagmatite" and had at least three people tell me "DO IT." in channel. Did it. :D Pending.jpg
StandOff Pat 17 M Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia Something to do with gaming, WWII, and sex with Debaser. StandOff.JPG
Steef Steven Allen M Escondido, CA Steven, being my real name, quickly gathered the nickname Steve, from there it took a couple folks to mis-pronounce that to leave me with a nickname like Steef..F off, eh? Steef2.jpg
Stereo 28 M Ontario stereophonic sound system Stereo.jpg
stiglet Jasmine 27 F Canadia I am not named after the Stig nor Diglett nor anything remotely related. Stiglet.jpg
stump 33 M Virginia You wouldn't understand. It's a secret. Pending.jpg
SuD Alex 37 M Jaen, Spain site twitter After I met a guy they called "the cuban", I started using "sudaca" (which means from South America) but somebody said that word was derogatory, so i shortened it. Some sites need a longer name, then I use LatinSuD. Sud1.jpg

Surreal Kristin 30 F CALIFORNIA SOMEWHERE After a character from a book 23rdbday.jpg
Syne Greg 27 M Israel It's just a misspelling of 'Sine'. It's nothing special. Syne2.jpg
synvilla Ella 25 F New York
blag It's Swedish for "optical illusion" Synvilla5.jpg
taixzo 26 USA Blog First combination of syllables I found that gave no results in Google. Pending.jpg
tanuki Benjamin Geiger 34 M Bartow, FL (near Tampa) I had a brief otaku phase and I liked the... connotations. Tanuki.jpg
taoistextremist John 18 M Sterling Heights, Michigan. I solve problems by being as apathetic as possible. Also, my name is not taxidermist. Pending.jpg
tapiocapudding Mark 22 M USA! USA! USA! 0 it's tasty! 0122-tn ipioddd.gif
Tawnos Tim M Bellevue, WA I played M:TG when I was 12 and liked the character. Pending.jpg
tea Tea Kew 25 Q See name Tea-crop.jpg
Teknobo Conrad 19 M Chicago/Toronto 17 Terribly Economical Kluge, Not Often Bothered, Obviously Teknobo.jpg
TelErusva 23 F New Zealand Email
I got Tel'Erusva from Tel'Mithrim Elvish. It means The One Broken. It's a long story. Pending.jpg
Telo 23 M U of K Largely sedentary mammal. Pending.jpg
ten Alan 28 M Houston, TX Email Binary for two, the number of non-derivative irc nicknames I use regularly. Rather boring. Ten.jpg
terran Niall 28 M Dublin, Ireland Used in various sci-fi shows, I took it primarily from Warhammer 40k. Niall hitler.jpg
that_guy Hank 25 M Minneapolis, MN (mostly) Name I used on junkmachine (RIP), before I realized it was taken just about everywhere. Comes from Futurama episode 53 "Future Sea." Pending.jpg
thatAndrogynous Barna 21  ? Kane'ohe, HI Keeps you guessing Pending.jpg
ThatBum Justyn 24 M San Bruno, California I made up this nick in the late 90s, back in the bad ol' days of AOL dialup. I thought it would be funny, but I was young and stupid at the time, and it didn't occur to me that not everyone on the Internet spoke American English. But, it stuck, and I now use this name for everything. ThatBum.jpg
thatGuy Schmidty 20 M Davis, California I really and truly am. ThatGuy.jpg
TheAngryPun Austin 29 M Chico, CA, USA This nick came from playing TF2. I made lots of puns as I played, and I was part of "The Angry Community," so it clicked. Croppedphoto.png
TheTimeBeing Chris 38 M Hellhole-with-retirees, US People are always doing things "for the time being"...figured I'd cash in on that. TheTimeBeing.png
thomas0comer Thomas Comer yes M United States of Murica My name with a big ol' 0 inside it, because I forgot the last username I used. Pending.jpg
Thopter Drew 38 M Colorado, USA Thopter.jpg
ticamai Tim 20 Indianapolis 5 An elongated form of my initials. Pending.jpg
Timi Plamo 17 Tim Ninja > Timinja > Timi Pending.jpg
tinc 29 M Hellhole-with-retirees wiki acronym 5615.jpg
ToiletNinjas Patrick 32 M Philadelphia Suburbs I thought being plural would increase my popularity and toilets are a ubiquitous assassination position. Toiletninjas.jpg
tomatosalad M Southern California Site was eating some caprese salad and I wanted a new nick Pending.jpg
Tommy Tom Crosby 29 M In or around Keele, UK Site Email 27 Entirely unoriginal derivation of my real name, which has since become my preferred real name. Pending.jpg
tonyb Tony Biondo 24 M Long Island, New York Box 12 First name, last initial. Usually tonyb486 elsewhere, because there are other 'tonyb's that are significantly less me. TonyB486.png
Trab Tedd Johnson 26 M Orange County, CA Site
First name is Robert...Robert Backwords is Trebor...which to a dyslexic person, might seem like Trabor...which sounded cool if you dropped the or. JawnZ.jpg
trimeta Randall Wald 30 M Ft. Lauderdale, FL Email It originated as "MetamorphoseIII", a reference to this Escher print, but was subsequently simplified 13496101096623021750.jpeg
TuxedoRabbit Stuart 16 M London, UK Tumblr A random nick from waaaay back. It stuck. (It's nothing furry related.) TuxedoRabbit.jpg
Typewriter Brandon 29 M Chicago, Illinois Site
I collect old typewriters. I have two. :) 12-19 Facebook crop.jpg
uberushaximus Site
A mangled version of Gluteus Maximus Pending.jpg
Val Garrett Fidalgo M Coachella Valley, California Site
Valdrone => Val. Keep on guessing. Val1.jpg
vD_ng Ivo M Westland, The Netherlands Site Based on surname, further change reasons lost VD ng.jpg
Vebyast 26 M Atlanta, GA Back when I started using the internets, I decided that my nick should be unique and easy to remember, so I generated a few hundred names that fit English morphology and selected the one that sounded best and had the fewest google hits. The Earth seen from Apollo 17 300x300.jpg
Vehk Vivec Unknown Information Vehk is the Daedric sigil representing the hermaphroditic God-King Vivec of Resdayn, or Morrowind. You may find information regarding him/her in his/her Sermons, as linked in the links box. The user going by the aforementioned God-King's name may or may not actually be the aforementioned God-King. Vehkface.jpg
Velociraptors Velociraptor mongoliensis 44 F Australia Email A pack of 9! Velociraptors. Eyesclosed.jpg
vibhavp Vibhav Pant 18 M India Email Github Guess. Pending.jpg
Vespers 27 M Auckland, NZ I used to not know the difference between "latin" and "derived from latin". Vespers = evening prayers, comes from the latin for evening. I'm sort of gothy. Used this too long to make it more accurate now. Voila. Pending.jpg
viridian 27 F OH Email The mundanities of life. Pending.jpg
Vossy Tom Vos 28 M Australia 19 Vos -> Vossy... It's not rocket science. But if it was, I'd be explosive! Pending.jpg
VT220 polemon 32 M Germany Site
A green phosphor VT220 is the terminal I use for IRC. Pending.jpg
Vulcanis Dimitri Komans 25 M West Hartford, CT God of fire and forge + wolves. It was made ~5 years ago. No startrek relationship :( Pending.jpg
Waldo Ryan 27 M California, USA Site Contraction of my surname. Acquired as a nickname in meatspace, carried online. Where's Waldo jokes are irritating and unoriginal. So there. Pending.jpg
Walther Veeti Haapsamo 23 M Helsinki, Finland My second name spelled in English. Pending.jpg
WassPord 30 M Ljubljana, Slovenia No real logic behind the nickname, just PassWord switched around a bit. Pending.jpg
Wetmelon Paul 25 M London, Ontario, Canada Old nickname that means "Wet Head". Don't know why, just remember it was 6th grade. PaulPic.jpg

Whtiger Josh C 17 M Detroit, MI, USA Site
27 Rawr, I'm a white tiger >:3 Pending.jpg
Wicks James Hooker 22 M Staffs/ Hants/London - UK Site
From the Iron Maiden song Wickerman... not the popular Hardware store. Wicks.png
Widdershins Kent 20 M USA.WA Site
1513, chiefly Scottish, originally "contrary to the course of the sun or a clock" (movement in this direction considered unlucky), probably from M.L.G. weddersinnes, lit. "against the way" (i.e. "in the opposite direction"), from widersinnen "to go against," from wider "against" (see with) + sinnen "to travel, go," from O.H.G. sinnen, related to sind "journey" (see send). Widder.jpg
wilfish Wil Hall 24 M Connecticut, United States Scripty-things, Work!, Email My name is Wil, obviously. And fish is just fun to append to things. No mystery here. Screen shot 2011-07-09 at 1.02.21 PM.png
woddf2 M USA Site Pending.jpg
wsa Will Armstrong 33 M St. Paul, MN email my initials Wsa lake.jpg
wst William 24 M Bedfordshire, UK w from William, St from the start of my surname. I first used it on Pending.jpg
x2x Jashank M Sydney, AU homepage Chosen for obscure and now irrelevant comedic value. It's sufficiently identifying now. Pending.jpg
XanT 27 M England 24 Shrunk name of a character made for a uni module. Plus its got an X, Xs are cool. ¬.¬ Pending.jpg
xaos11 Ray 20 M St. Louis, MO Email xaos fractal zoomer Xaos11.jpg
Xeio Josh 28 M Pittsburgh, PA, US I'm not sure, it seemed random at the time, and now it stuck. Pending.jpg
Xenos Tor 31 M Oslo, Norway Xenos (Greek: ξένος, xénos, plural xenoi) is a word used in ancient Greek from Homer onwards that has a wide gradient of meaning, signifying such divergent concepts as “enemy stranger” as well as “ritual friend”. Xenos.jpg
xenos1984 Manuel 32 M Tartu, Estonia Work XeNOS is the name of my operating system project, 1984 is my year of birth.

In the forums my nick is YpsilonOmega - Ypsilon is the German word for the letter Y and I have a scar of that shape, and Omega I appended because Ypsilon was in use somewhere I registered, so it stuck to my nick.
Xidarian Sam 23 M Layton Utah Email Xidarian.jpg
XtremD Winter G. 18 M New York Email "XtremD" was actually a longer username, but had to be shortened to accommodate the horrible character constraints of early PC multiplayer shooters. As the years wore on, I started to get attached to the name. Now, "XtremD" has only one meaning: a bastardized past tense of "to make extreme." Pending.jpg
YellowOnion Daniel Hill 27 M Christchurch, New Zealand I wanted something original and fail miserably . Pending.jpg
Ykstort Joe Doyle 24 M Cambridge, England Trotsky spelt in reverse Pending.jpg
You Michael 23 M border of Campbell and San Jose, CA 2 I'm You, simple enough. You new.jpg
Zarek_ Zarek 19 F Auckland, New Zealand Email GitHub I can't actually remember where I got the nick from, but I've had it for a while. Akiwiguy.jpg
Zed Zed 50 M NYC The last letter of the alphabet. Pending.jpg

Zeot Zach 22 M Dublin, Ireland My initials... I don't have a lot of imagination. Pending.jpg
zigdon Dan Boger 43 M Berkeley, CA Site] 103 zigdon used to be a commander of mine in the military... thought he was very evil, so when I was GMing and needed an evil NPC name, I used his. Zigdon small.jpg
Zing Zach King 24 M Syracuse, NY Email Shiny. Jaynecrop.png