DC meetup 2011

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We're having a meetup!

Where: Somewhere in the DC metro area. Probably NOVA.

When: We don't know yet. Probably early spring.

Who: Shifuimam is doing the organizing.

Join #xkcd-dc to talk about it, or add comments here.

Meetup Locations[edit]

Please add location suggestions here. Link to a website if possible.


If you plan on attending, add your nick here so we can keep track. If you can put out-of-town folk up for the night, note how many people you are willing to host.

  • shifuimam
  • stump
  • goldins
  • frowardd
  • spenguin


Suggestions for month/day welcome. Maybe early spring?

There is a DC meetup in progress for forum denizens, info is here. This here wiki page is for IRC denizens, although all are, of course, welcome.