Cybersex 2010 meetup

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Hi this is the page for the planning of the possible 2010 cybersex meetup (tiny link: )

Planning Times![edit]

For us to plan, you have to participate in the poll!


Host Location Availability Kitten Activities
Jello_raptor Maryland (near baltimore and washington DC), in an apartment( 2 bedroom 1 bath, 0-5 people) , in a house (3 bedroom,3.5 bath, 5+ people attending) Dec 25 - Jan 26 and spring break \o/ Visit Baltimore or washington, D&D, etc


location is where you can possibly go in those times

Attendee Locations Special Talent Availability Kitten
lingrush wtf do you mean by that? I will be in PA Super coolness, and Zergling rushes Check the doodle \o_
Jello_raptor anywhere btween New york city and maryland (includes PA) i cam make pot into brownies Dec 25 - Jan 26 and spring break \o/
letusgothen Farther North is better, but I can probably do any of the suggested locations. Sexing men, playing piano, being insane August-November 2009, not sure of any other dates yet. 8=====D
phobiac NYC or MD would work fine, anywhere between GA and NY basically. Headcrabs I can probably just make time |-O-|
Beelzebub Between MD and NYC is fine. Stuffs I can always request time off. EMOTICON