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I followed a link to a page that doesn't exist yet, but shouldn't it have been created about 6,000 years ago with the rest of the world?

Now that I have created the page, does that make me God? or maybe just a god? Does creating something that He didn't create mean I am moving against His will? Why doesn't he stop me? If I can thwart His will then maybe He isn't all powerful.

My entire belief system has been shaken.

Unless it was His will for me to create this page. It has all been a test, yes, certainly it has all been a test. Good, my faith has been reaffirmed by this proof, this test has been the proof I've been looking for — but with proof it becomes fact, and not faith, but God refuses to show proof because if everyone knew then it would be a chore, not an exercise in self-growth.

So ... there is no God? maybe we really did come from monkeys. Pffft. That's stupid, monkeys would still be turning into people right now if evolution were legitimate. Must have been the aliens, we are a genetic experiment. Indeed, that fits with the intelligent design, with everything being only 6,000 years old.

That fossil record though, no doubt previously failed experiments.

The only question left is obvious — Once they realized the danger; how did the aliens kill the raptors? Duh, meteorite and dust cloud.