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Cerise might someday have a user page on this wiki

cerise has been known to occasionally become its alter-ego, root. Suggesting that one should not IRC as root will likely earn you a scolding at best and a kickban at worst along with mutterings about assumptions about platform, operating system, and kernel security.

root is known for starting flame wars in the early days of channel by arguing that there are no women on the internet. These typically involved the "woman" in question getting whiny, making assertions that there are no men on the internet (despite the fact that the best known implementors of the internet are male), losing the ability to reason appropriately, and being made fun of. A lot.

In an effort to stem this tide, xkcd created comic 322 and was mildly embarrassed about the queue error which caused the comic to go up when root visited xkcd.

Every so often, root will kick someone for 322 despite the fact that it is the Lord and Master of 322.

cerise tends to be light-humored and forgiving. root is logical to a fault and unforgiving to those who prove illogical.

He's not your mother's Cool Guy. No, he's Super Serious. And he's Here To Stay.

~ A user on Cerise

the King of Op Abuse

~ A user on root

There is some evidence to support this. He once started a <3 thunder run while billygoat was actively kicking non-ops for saying it and was heard to laugh when billygoat kickbanned people. He has also been known to start kicking people for having not met certain criteria. One celebrated instance occurred when he began kicking people -- including himself -- for typos and poor grammar.

The game[edit]

Whenever the phrase "the game" is said, cerise's response is often negative and confusing. This is because Cerise runs an IRSSI script which replaces the words "the game" with "nuclear raptors", to prevent cerise from losing the game. Example:
<Monarch>You all just lost the game! <cerise>You had better start catching those things right away.
Cerise has been known to surreptitiously implement this script on unsuspecting lusers. When April struggled with lunix, one of her many problems was the confusion she experienced whenever she attempted to discuss board games, mind games, or any sort of game at all, in IRC. Cerise has never issued an apology for his actions.

The joke has possibly gone a bit too far. A victorious announcement of
<Fredd>I just won the game!
will inevitably cause Bucket to respond
<Bucket>What kind of contest do you enter to win nuclear raptors?