Cellshot's gender

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the truth
Cellshot attending a party with a friend
Cellshot at a local convention
Cellshot at an important black tie event
Cellshot clearly is the Matrix

The Problem[edit]

Nobody knows Cellshot's gender. Simple as that. No it's not! Actually it's very complicated.

Possible solutions[edit]


  • Gamer
  • Attends many black tie events.
  • Does not know how to flense a hog.


  • Uses female pronoun most frequently.
  • Hits on everyone
  • Hasn't hit on Ghorthas

Inhuman construct from the dimensions of pure insanity and chaotic shadows[edit]

  • Is Cellshot

A Cystidium[edit]

  • Possibly

Guess Table[edit]

Nick Guess
Corynne Male. Cell (shows interest in sciences) Shot (shows an interest in sex). Must be male.
freelancer probably female
Scooby Obviously canine
Debaser Male
ftr Male
crodgers Male
Cellshot <3
StandOff Female
thatGuy 42
Terlob Xemale
Fredd She's so CUTE! I would insert my genitals into all available orifices. And maybe even make some new ones!
Rant Hard to tell under that fursuit... (I'm in it with him/her)
MoonWolf Jadacha hermaphrodite ... either sex at will.
Glench/Shoofle I don't know but Glench is a dude and Shoofle is a chick
Hermiene It's for history to decide.
Kliment Uncertainly male.
Nameless By observing we change the outcome, so it goes without saying that Cellshot is an extraterrestrial being sent down to distract us as our world is slowly taken over by the mother ship
SeveredCross Cellshot's gender is relative - as in he's male when he fucked your mom
root Male. The social security database proves it...cause he's from america...and all
Masterwabbit Gotta be a spy. Cellshot actually has intel!
TraumaPony Male outside, female inside. Either that, or Candleja
Elyscape I won the game vicariously through Cellshot
Geekthras AS SOMEONE SAID, when you look at the Matrix, Cellshot's gender is quite clearly revealed.
Stereo Male, by way of elimination...that being him and I in bed last night
Natjo Both, Cellshot is clearly two people (Glench/Shoofle in disguise!)
Timi He's a robot. Possibly a Cylon.
Lhyzz A zombie whose genitals have fallen off.

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