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[edit] List of channel operators in #xkcd

Nick Evil? Safe to taunt? Peeves Weaknesses
airtank Yes. (Allegedly.) Has a low bullshit tolerance. Rape jokes. Jersey Shore, juggalos.
barometz As much as the monster under your bed. As much as the monster under your bed. The circlejerk. Pop music, breaking out in song.
Belial He's named after a demon. What do you think? You should know the answer to this one ? ?
bk Bad puns and rarely a temper. Only if the taunts include references to tuna. Poor spelling, mechanics, usage, and grammar. Well-formed English prose and redheads.
Bucket What, with a face like that? May retaliate Kicking Bananas! Not actually an op. Or human.
creature Yes, but fairly. Probably a bad idea unless you really are as funny as you think you are (hint: you're not). CRUISE CONTROL, racism, 322, changing nick on away, anything idiotic. ?
davean No. Just grumpy. ? Humans Mortality
ephphatha Not often. You're welcome to try. General stupidity and stubbornness. Cold weather.
Glench Can be if provoked. Joke kicks semi-regularly Yes, but be reasonable. Inane lol-chatter and uber-flirtiness that is not entertaining in any way. shoofle
Haplo ? ? ? ?
havoc ? ? Mornings ?
Hermiene Only to the deserved. Yes. Will usually give warnings before bans. Will joke-kick without warning. Prolonged one-liner smarminess, vacuous ramblings, whining, obscurantism. Femininity, dark space, and The Mule.
IceKarma Chaotic neutral. Do Not Taunt Happy Fun Ball®. Stupidity. Invulnerable.
khmer ? Unsafe but hilarious Excessive touching Excessive touching
Lhyzz The good kind of evil. Does not suffer fools. Enjoys this. racism, ignorance, trolls funny jokes, fuzzy kitties, gifts and bribes
mewyn For the most part, yes. You'll know if you're safe. It also must be noted: DO NOT TAUNT HAPPY FUN BALL. The usual plus cruise control, failure. Inappropriate versions of the word "kittens" Retrogaming, Lego, Large cash payoffs.
morner On certain days If your taunts are creative enough Cancer Photography, Cancer
postmodern Prone to Woody Allenisms Try to at least do it with some class. Most 4channery Vinyl Records, Kurt Vonnegut, killings, airtank, khmer.
relsqui No:kicks = love If it's funny, of course. Poor communication. ?
schwal No, but will pun with little to no provocation Probably Bad factoids Good factoids, bad puns, space.
shadebug ? ? ? ?
shoofle ? ? ? Glowing spot near left shoulder
Shrdlu ? ? ? ?????
snark If you read this carefully, you will know. "Safe? Of course he's not safe! But he's good." ? Loud confident ignorance The moon.
SpaceHobo ? Yes, but he retaliates and is better at it than you Anti-hobo propaganda ?
skat_ ? No, and she is better than you at Guitar Hero. ? Thermal exhaust port
Stereo Excessively. Will interpret requests literally. ? Deviance.
Xavier ? ? ? ?
zigdon An ancient evil please do? ? ?

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