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How to play[edit]

Cards Against Society - 'A party game for humourless feminists' is a dedicated deck card game. There are two types of cards, white answer cards and black question cards. Each player has a hand of ten white cards. The bot will play a question card and every player except for one, the 'Card Czar' will answer the question card by playing an answer card. Once all cards are played, the bot will list all the white cards played and the Card Czar will pick their favourite. Whoever played that one gets one Awesome Point. The position of Card Czar shifts to the next person in the bot set order and a new round begins.

The bot sends you your cards via CTCP notify. This may appear to you in a private query, in the server connection window, in channel or some combination depending on your client settings.

Channel rules[edit]

No canvassing - #xkcd channel rules say no advertising outside channels. Coming in regularly and asking for additional game players counts as advertising. Don't do it. You may ask for additional players in channels where the rules do not prohibit it, but please, only ask once. That means co-ordinating, and having only one person from the channel asking once. If you know someone you want to invite to the channel, message them or use /invite.

Kick up, not down - Cards against humanity takes the ugly things in society and life and lets us poke fun at them. If you're mocking someone oppressed by society and not the oppressor you are doing this game wrong, at least for this channel. This channel has feminists and racial minorities and LGBTQ players and ops. Keep that in mind particularly in your intereactions with other players. Not everyone will agree about what is funny, but if someone criticises your sense of humor don't accuse them of being uptight, not getting it, or being hysterical. We're here for the funny kind of offensive, not because the internet needed another collection of arseholes.

Don't assume gender, use preferred pronouns - Use they/them as default pronouns until you know what pronouns your fellow players prefer.

Don't harass the botops - We're turning over a fair amount of the code and sometimes that means bugs. Report it once to ladymondegreen *in PM*, that's enough. Assume any bug report in channel will be lost if the person is not actively in the channel. I am not going to go through hours of games in my backlog to see if the highlights are actually important. Not gonna happen.


  • packingheat - Draw an extra card before Play-2 rounds. Standard rules have players draw two extra cards before Play-3 rounds, but not extra cards before Play-2 rounds. Packing heat addresses this. On by default.
  • Rando - Adds a bot player that plays the top cards(s) in the deck. Player accumulates points, but cannot win the game. Three players are still the minimum required for a game. On by default.
  • playercards - Adds the name of each player in the game as a white card. On by default.
  • wikifeature - The titles of the past week's featured articles on Wikipedia are white cards. Off by default.


To communicate with the bot via PM, drop the !. Playing/picking cards via PM is preferable, especially in large games.

  • !start - Used both to start a new game and to start gameplay of that game. A minimum of 3 players are required to start gameplay. Players may continue to join the game once play has started.
  • !join - Used to join or re-join a game. If you !quit a game and rejoin, you will retain all your awesome points as well as the cards that were in your hand when you left.
  • !quit - NECESSARY to leave the game. Parting or quitting the channel or timing out will NOT kick you. You may rejoin a game after leaving it at any time.
  • !hand - To show your hand of cards.
  • !play <number> - Play a card.
  • !play <number> <number> - Some question cards require two or even three cards to be played as an answer.
  • !pick <number> - Used by the Card Czar to pick their favourite answer.
  • !gamble <number> - You may gamble an Awesome Point in order to play an additional answer. Whoever wins that hand wins that point. You may gamble as many points as you have. The !gamble command must be used 'after' the !play command and before the played cards have been shown to the channel. Note: cards no longer get renumbered after playing or gambling.
  • !status - Gives the current game status including point totals and if applicable, the current black question card.
  • !prompt - Reminds the players who need to play or pick a card.
  • !help - Help command. Spits out all commands available to players and botops.
  • !rules - Gives shortened version of the rules of gameplay.
  • !variant - view variants and their current status

OP only[edit]

Note: Bot-ops do not necessarily correspond to channel ops

  • ^auth username password - log-in
  • ^start CardsAgainstSociety - run the game plugin
  • !variant toggle [type] - toggles from off to on and vice-versa (must be done before a game)
  • !blacklist {[exact card text here]} - adds a card to the blacklist (must be done before a game)
  • !reloadcards - reloads the card deck
  • !del [username] - removes someone from the game
  • !end - ends the game

American centric card definitions[edit]

Definitions use some text from Wikipedia

  • Forgetting the Alamo - The Battle of the Alamo (1836) was a pivotal event in the Texas Revolution. It was a 13-day seige and battle, in which Texas lost resoundly. Many people of the United States tend to think this battle showed how great Americans are, because there were so few of them and they held off the swarthy Mexican horde for so long so that they could keep their freedom. What many don't realize is that this battle was fought because the Texan whites wanted to secede from Mexico so that they could keep their slaves. Mexico had just outlawed slavery but the uppity whites of Texas would have nothing of it. Somehow this is hailed as a glorious part of American History when in reality it should serve as a shameful reminder of our racist and supremacist past and present. Davy Crocket, a folk hero and House Representative for Tennesee died in the battble. 'Remember the Alamo' became a rallying cry for many Texans in later battles, and the Battle of the Alamo has large representation in US popular culture, spawing countless books, songs and movies.
Definition uses some text from Mike's Urban Dictionary entry on 'alamo'
  • Historically Black Colleges - Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs or HBCs) are institutions of higher education in the United States that were established before 1964 with the intention of serving the black community. While some educational institutions in the North or West were open to blacks since before the Civil War,17 states, mostly in the South, had segregated systems and generally excluded black students from their land grant colleges. In response, Congress passed the second Morrill Act of 1890, requiring states to establish a separate land grant college for blacks if blacks were being excluded from the existing land grant college. Many of the HBCUs were founded by states to satisfy the Second Morrill Act.
  • Lunchables - are prepackaged box lunches available for purchase in grocery stores. They traditionally include a meal item, a dessert (chocolate or candy) and a drink high in sugar. Lunchables use crackers instead of breads so that they will last longer on store shelves. Many lunchables include components for the children to build their meal. For example, pizza lunchables include soft pizza dough crackers, a package of pizza sauce and a package of mozzerella cheese for the meal component. Some Lunchables varieties have substituted Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Cola, Nestle Crunch bars, M&M's, and Kool-Aid Jammers, with lower calorie and sugar options, such as AirHeads, fruit cups, and Tropical Punch flavored Kool-Aid mix, in order to be marketed as 'Sensible Solutions' products.
  • Ring Pops - are a brand of fruit flavoured lollipops. They are in the form of a wearable plastic ring with a large hard candy "jewel" and come in an assortment of flavors.
  • Aaron Burr was the third Vice-President of the United States. He is most known for killing Alexander Hamilton, who was, at the time, Secretary of the Treasury. Burr was not arrested or charged for participating in an illegal duel or for killing Hamilton. Later, when he was no longer in office, Burr was arrested on charges of treason (for totally separate shennanigans). When Vice President Dick Cheney accidentally shot a Harry Whittington, while participating in a quail hunt, Burr's name was added to a whole new set of crazy Vice President jokes.
   While Aaron Burr is most known for the duel in which he killed Hamilton, he's actually historically interesting for a bunch of other things. His role in the election of 1800 revealed a flaw in the original text of the Constitution, prompting the passage of the 12th ammendment. Also, as Vice President he presided over the Senate's first impeachment trial, of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Chase. His establishment of guides and rules for the first impeachment trial set a high bar for behavior and procedures in the Senate chamber, many of which are followed today.
  • Waking up half-naked in a Denny's parking lot - Denny's is a 24-hour, full-service, casual, family restaurant chain. They're the type of restuarant that nicknames itself America's Diner™. Yes, they not only obnoxiously use the trademark symbol for their nickname and some of their dishes, they've actually registered the names of several menu items. They incorporate the baseball term 'Grand Slam' to name many of their dishes: 'Grand Slam®', 'French Toast Slam®', 'All-American Slam®', 'Lumberjack Slam®', 'The Grand Slamwich®' and so on. These 'slam' dishes include two eggs, a slice of grilled ham, two bacon strips, two sausage links, hash browns and at least one form of bread (waffles, pancakes, french toast, sandwhich bread, and so on). They also advertise several 'build your own' menu items as well as a 2$ 4$ 6$ 8$ value menu.
   Urban Dictionary has an extensive entry on Denny's if you wish to learn more about its not-so-great perception in American culture. Be warned, there's some NSFW sutff in there.
  • Billy Mays here for

Other stuff[edit]