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If you're planning to come to the Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin (Dec 27th to 30th, 2008), please add your nick to this list. That way, we might be able to get some rooms for ourself. :)

Apo will probably stay at citystay. If we get six people, wo can get our own room for 21 euro/night with its own bathroom. The cheapest rooms there are 17 euro/night for a common room with 8 to 10 beds. It's 840m (~ footdistance) from the congress centre. Other hotels are cheaper (down to 10 euro/night), but 2 to 3km farther away, so you'll have to pay extra for the tube or walk.

The rooms at citystay were EUR 3 cheaper during the last Congress. Maybe they'll decrease them again this winter, so they might go down to EUR 18/14.

Another possibility is to stay at the A&O Backpackers Hostel which might be a bit cheaper, but the distance to the bcc is 2km.

Denizens who plan to come

  • Apo (and two^H^H^H^H three friends)
  • Nazgjunk (with two other friends)
  • erlehmann (I live in the city)
  • riot (prbly comes alone, except he finds himself a grrlfriend before the congress[Editor's note: To engage in congress, one needs a grrlfriend.])